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Finals Week Tips

  Finals week is here! While it may be an incredibly stressful time, the bloggers have shared how they power through.  I’m a fairly organized and schedule oriented individual, so I try to stay in the same routines that I have gotten into over the course of the semester. That way […]

Let’s Talk about Self-Care

When is the last time you scheduled time for something you want to do, just because you want to do it? Often, we are too overwhelmed with all of our responsibilities and obligations to take care of ourselves. Burnout is real, but so are the effects of self-care. Read more to learn about what self-care is and how to do it.

Here Comes the Stress

It is that time of the semester. A lot of us are overwhelmed juggling 17 credit hours in preparation for finals, being involved in extracurricular activities/ working that part time at the campus café. Some of us are even struggling with “senioritis” having no idea what our next plans are […]

Be Mindful – One Facet of Meditation

Meeting those deadlines, attending classes, preparing for exams, striking the right balance between studies, job, and one’s  personal life can be overwhelming! Each one of us has moments where we need to get respite from our daily worries, and more so, during this period when final exams are nearing. How […]