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Finals Week Tips

  Finals week is here! While it may be an incredibly stressful time, the bloggers have shared how they power through.  I’m a fairly organized and schedule oriented individual, so I try to stay in the same routines that I have gotten into over the course of the semester. That way […]

Let’s Talk about Self-Care

When is the last time you scheduled time for something you want to do, just because you want to do it? Often, we are too overwhelmed with all of our responsibilities and obligations to take care of ourselves. Burnout is real, but so are the effects of self-care. Read more to learn about what self-care is and how to do it.

Ideas Worth Spreading

Lately, I have been trying to find better ways to be productive with my time. In my mind, productivity is synonymous with listening to TED Talks. I have grown quite fond of listening to Ted Radio Hour on NPR as well. A college student might ask, “Why would I listen […]

Wisdom from Wisteria Lane

I must confess it’s been a while since I binged on a series lately. The last time I did so was months ago! And it was none other than Desperate Housewives. Funny as it might seem, when I look back at this series, I can seriously think of important lessons […]

The Bachelor and Graduating

How The Bachelor and graduating are basically the same thing At the risk of confirming many a basic girl stereotype (I’m also in a sorority… double points?), I’m going to explain why there is evidence pointing towards the fact that The Bachelor, a reality TV show giant that is now in […]