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Spotlight: PhD in Health Behavior

Why is Health Behavior for you? Find out what’s in store for you if you choose to get a Ph.D. in Health Behavior!


Accelerated Nursing at Marian University

In anticipation of the Public Health and Safety Career Focus Fair on March 1st, I spoke with Deb Downard, Director of Community and Corporate Relations at Marian University for St. Vincent. She was kind enough to answer the following questions regarding Marian’s accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing (ABSN) program. […]

Speed Dating with Myers-Briggs

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator has become a popular tool in the professional and personal world, providing individuals with a framework in understanding the nature of who they are. With this test, there are sixteen different personality types which are represented in four letters. The MBTI® Manual: A Guide to […]

Schahet Hotels Employer Spotlight

Thinking of heading to the School of Public Health Spring Career Fair? If you’re studying Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management, like me, here’s another company check out Wednesday, February 25 (Located in SPH 163 from10:30am-1:30pm). Name: Susie Etienne   Current Company and Position: Schahet Hotels, VP of Sales   Position(s) […]

Spotlight: SPH Engage Program

 Beginning this semester, the School of Public Health will be offering a great opportunity for students who are interested in discovering and developing their leadership skills.  Both undergraduate and graduate students at IU will have the opportunity to participate in SPHEngage.  Engage is a co-curricular program that combines coursework, workshops […]