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NYC Trip Experience

I had the great good fortune of traveling with the School of Public Health on a New York City networking trip and my brain was filled with such rich advice. I feel so incredibly lucky. There was a group of twenty students with majors in either Sport Marketing and Management […]

Looking for a Full-Time Position?

As many students enter their senior year of college, many of them have the same thing on there mind – find a full-time job.  While the thought of searching for a full-time job may sound frightening and intimidating, it is important to remember that there is a place for everyone. […]

Do you Want to Work at a Summer Camp?

Every summer brings a chance for growth, involvement, and new experiences. You may find your adventure through a study abroad trip, a challenging job, or a prestigious internship. The opportunities seem endless, yet there is one more I would like to propose: Have you ever thought about working at a […]

Did you say thank you?

The Importance of Saying Thank You Gratitude is one of the most important and valuable qualities a person can have.  It is also a very rare trait in our society today.  Yet gratitude is a standout quality.  A small act of gratitude has the potential to set you apart from […]

The Career Kickstart Series: A Summary

The inaugural IU School of Public Health Career Kickstart Series came to a conclusion with a rare opportunity to network with a handpicked selection of established public health professionals. Over the course of the fall 2013 semester, students in the Kickstart program, myself included, actively worked to improve their professional […]

Internship Spotlight: Winter Meetings

Every year, students in the School of Public Health search for internships that best prepare them for their career paths and suit their personal interests.  Sounds difficult and nearly impossible, right? Fortunately, that doesn’t always have to be the case. I was lucky enough to find an internship this past […]