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Career Advice for my Freshman Self

With graduation slowly approaching, I have found myself reflecting over my past four years at IU. More specifically, I deem my freshman year as the most memorable because I was so disconnected from career development. We all know that the first year of college is more about adapting to the […]

New Year, New Goals

As bloggers, we are learning and exploring different aspects of the professional world- putting ourselves out there and sharing our experiences with you. We strive for positive personal growth and with the new year, we are reminded of ways to improve. At the dawn of the New Year, 3 main […]

Realizations of a PhD Student

First of all, all credit goes to Shannen, the blog editor for suggesting the title of this unique blog post! Indeed, after we talked about it, I was wondering to myself – like Shannen, how many other undergraduates are curious to know about the academic lives of doctoral students, and […]

Holiday Advice

On this occasion, get rid of the stress and do some mess.  Eat well and get that sleep you’ve been craving for! It’s called my energy-saving mode! No better way to tackle what’s on your to-do list – job hunts, interviews, internship, studies…Oh, I forgot to tell you – get […]

Your Winter Break To-Do List

My last post got me thinking more about the other ways there are to network and look for jobs that are a little easier on introverts. I also started thinking that winter break is the perfect time to start the job search, whether you’re looking for a summer internship or […]