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Finals week is here! While it may be an incredibly stressful time, the bloggers have shared how they power through. 


Brandon Jones

I’m a fairly organized and schedule oriented individual, so I try to stay in the same routines that I have gotten into over the course of the semester. That way finals week feels more like just another week, rather than an overly stressful and pressurized end to the semester. So, I try to wake up at roughly the same time (sleeping in for an hour can’t hurt right?) and do all the same things such as workout or go have dinner with my friends. If I manage my time right, I usually end up walking into my finals with the same amount of confidence as I did during the first week of classes.


Trishnee Bhurosy

As the semester comes to an end, all I can think of is: FUN! But my idea of fun might be different from yours! Fun means teaching during summer and conducting my study! I feel procrastination is higher among students at this period of time. My own strategy to deal with coping with the end of semester madness is simple: work hard and give myself a treat. Yes! These days, each time I complete a major paper or practice exam, I treat myself. Treat comes in different forms: sleep for a few more hours, do a good workout session, cook a special meal for myself, go out with a good friend, or simply just relax. I feel myself rejuvenated and I get a better focus on what is coming next!


Rachel Brown

I’ve never had a traditional finals week, usually my papers and projects have been due the week or two before. Because of this, finals feel like they last for three weeks. To cope with the stress, I make sure I get to the gym regularly and eat three proper meals a day. Don’t forget to get up and stretch your legs every few hours–sunlight and exercise are good for you!



Erika Wheeler

In order to keep myself focused on finals, I first make sure all of life’s little nuisances are in check: laundry done, house cleaned, fridge stocked, etc. Only then can I really start studying. For more difficult subjects, I tape my notes and relevant pictures to the walls of my living room, so I HAVE to look at them! I acknowledge that I will have no fun until I get through finals, but always have something big planned after to look forward to. I also reward myself for getting some solid study time under my belt (i.e. 2 hours of studying = 30 minutes of reading something fun).



Shannen Keene

In order to prepare for finals week, I have actually started recording my microbiology lectures. I intend to run through those a couple times prior to the exam. They have been extremely helpful and even boosted my exam scores. Also, I make a task-list so I can easily prioritize my time. In the end, I cope with the stress by grabbing dinner with a friend or doing an outdoorsy activity. I highly recommend Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” for a late-night jam/stress-relief session.



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