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Dead Week Doldrums: How to Survive

Picture1Well folks, it’s that time of the year. Summer break is excruciatingly close. Just a handful of days remain until many of us get to put academics aside for a few months. However, it would be foolish to look too far into the future, let down your guard, and fail to finish the semester on a positive note. After 14 weeks of school you may be burned out, and it would be easy to sit at your desk and just wish summer was here. It’s what I like to call the dead week doldrums.

Doldrums: A state or period of inactivity or stagnation. I know I have felt that way during many a dead week. However it’s easy to let the name loll you into a false sense of security. Any seasoned college veteran will tell you that dead week is really just one big paradox. In reality, dead week probably refers to your mental state by the end of it, not to the supposed lack of work in your classes. Semantics aside, here are a few tips to make it through.

Make time to relax

Fail to do this and there’s a chance you wake up in a pool of your own tears by Thursday morning. In all seriousness, if you read any book on creativity and inspiration in the brain, it will stress the importance of this tip. Staying holed up in your room will stifle your creativity and make your brain less productive when writing that paper or putting together that project. So, take a 20 minute walk outside to catch some fresh air, or perhaps watch an episode of your favorite show (but only one, we all know how quickly that can snowball into a binge watch). Whatever you do to relax, it will help your brain reset and reduce your stress levels.

Get your sleep

Much like #1, this tip is to help ensure you don’t completely burn out before finals. Whether you need 5 hours or 10 hours of sleep to function properly, try your best to get it. Those espresso shots from Starbucks can only get you so far. You’ll thank yourself if you’re not yawning through your classes this week because you managed your time well enough to get some rest.

Find your best study spot

Or if you already know where your studying paradise is, spend your week there and get started early (hint: today). If your dorm floor is too loud, make sure to get out of there. Head to one of the libraries (not necessarily Wells), or really any building on campus. You’ll be sure to find a location that’s best for you, whether it be the basement of the Geology building or the bustling 4th floor of Wells.

Bonus Material! Here are a slew of memes to lighten your dead week mood. Hang in there Hoosiers!

dBrandon Jones is a junior at IU majoring in Sports Marketing and Management with minors in Business and Spanish. He one day hopes to work for a professional sports organization in either marketing or communications. He is also a director on IU Student Athletic Board.


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