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Accelerated Nursing at Marian University


In anticipation of the Public Health and Safety Career Focus Fair on March 1st, I spoke with Deb Downard, Director of Community and Corporate Relations at Marian University for St. Vincent. She was kind enough to answer the following questions regarding Marian’s accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing (ABSN) program. She will be attending the fair to talk with prospective students about the program.

Those in the public health sector may know that nurses are in quite high demand at the moment. At the same time, state schools have a limit on how many students can be accepted into their nursing programs. For those students who hope to become nurses but end up with degrees in a non-nursing field, Marian University’s 16-month ABSN program may present the perfect opportunity. The following questions cover some general information about the program.

How much more challenging is the accelerated degree than one at a normal pace?

 Whether a student is in an accelerated or traditional program, the importance is really to organize and manage time. In general, Marian University for St. Vincent (MUSV) is accelerated and the students have to move quicker through reading the text and taking exams. You are consolidating 4 years of course work into 16 months. Regardless of these facts, the outcomes of our students are successful as evidenced by our NCLEX pass rates.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of joining the nursing program at Marian University?

Everyone has a unique story. In general, most students become nurses to advance their career and have more opportunities. It also gives them an enhanced opportunity for superior clinical and instructional experiences.

What are the most important admission requirements that students should be aware of?

Students must have a bachelor’s degree and meet certain criteria as explained on the website. The admissions office will also use a decision tree for evaluation.

Roughly how many students get accepted into the program each year?

We do not have exact numbers, but we can accept up to 72 students, three times per year and currently have no waitlist.

Can you describe your ideal applicant to the program?

Because our students are from all backgrounds, we do not have an ideal student. In general, they should be self-motivated, practice good time management, and seek resources when necessary. They must also have a solid support system related to finances, family, environment, etc.

What advice would you give to students looking to pursue a career in nursing?

 Speak with an admissions counselor to determine the right program and make sure you research and ask questions. The nursing job market is strong and there is a huge demand for nurses.

Interested in applying? Visit their table at the Public Health & Safety Career Focus Event. March 1st (6:00PM-8:00PM) in the Frangipani Room!

dBrandon Jones is a junior at IU majoring in Sports Marketing and Management with minors in Business and Spanish. He one day hopes to work for a professional sports organization in either marketing or communications. He also works with IU Student Athletic Board as Chair of the Alumni Relations Committee.


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