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Wisdom from Wisteria Lane


I must confess it’s been a while since I binged on a series lately. The last time I did so was months ago! And it was none other than Desperate Housewives. Funny as it might seem, when I look back at this series, I can seriously think of important lessons I learned from it:


laI think this is especially true career-wise. As fresh interns or even someone who has just taken up a job, setbacks are part of the routine and it might not be the job you had in mind. But, everything has a start and eventually with proper planning, patience and perseverance, you make a step closer to your dream job. It is the experience which counts as well. Remember how in the last season, each of the Wisteria Lane lady ends up in getting her career on track with Lynette working on her high profile job in New York and Gaby creating her own fashion website, Bree getting elected to Legislature and Susan moving in with her daughter to help raise her child (Raising a child is also a full time job!). Even though they had catastrophic beginnings, they sure made it in the end!


By far, my favorite character remains Gabriella Solis. Forget her narcissistic side! Gaby started out as someone who could care less for others and her ultimate priority in life was her happiness. However, over the years, she learned from her mistakes and made some huge sacrifices for her family such as single-handedly looking after her family when Carlos was blind or when he dealt with drinking issues. I believe every now and then, we are bound to make some big and small mistakes, be it in our careers, studies or while conducting research. What is important is that we learn from those mistakes. As I plan over starting part of my research the next two semesters, this is one mantra I will keep in mind – mistakes happen and learn from them.


Any employer seeks those whom they believe will be actively engaged in their jobs and who will be ready to take on responsibilities along with bringing innovative ideas to the table. Take a cue from Lynette who gave it her all whether it be her family or her career. No wonder, along with being a wonderful wife and mother, she ended up being a CEO in the season finale. For instance, if you go through the “Alumni Spotlight” blog posts, one common advice which alumni consistently gave was to get started early on your job hunt and be invested in that internship even if it means doing it for free. Face on the challenges and make the most out of it.



Seriously, Bree is one heck of a lady!

Even when her personal life was a mess (which was in almost every season!), she carried out all her duties she was supposed to do and I could say, she was probably the most organized person on this show on the professional front at least! No wonder, her friends used to seek out her advice often. Handling stressful semesters and juggling between jobs and studies will require some of Bree’s organization skills. Two tactics which work for me is to write it down and get it done. I make a to-do list and as I progress along the list, I check-off task which have been accomplished. And secondly, it helps to plan things at the beginning of the week or day so that you know where you are heading to. It’s never too late to get started on a planner!


Playing poker and sharing some delicious food over a glass of wine was always the way to have some fun and relax in Wisteria Lane. So as the semester takes its toll on you, remember to give yourself a treat, relax for a while and have some fun from time to time. As the French saying goes, “Step back, so as to jump forward better!”

ffTrishnee is a first year PhD student in the Department of Applied Health Sciences and her major is Health Behavior. She was born and raised in Mauritius and is currently having the best time pursuing her doctoral studies in the wonderful B-town. Her hobbies include cooking, reading romantic novels, and playing with her pets. Anything related to health highly interests her and she hopes to reach out to others on health-related issues that matter.


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