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My Last Semester


My dorm back in the day- still obsessed with Wicked

Entering the last semester of college is a fairly eye-opening time in any student’s life. I cannot sum up how I feel in one word because it is a snowball of emotions and thoughts. Recently, I have been reflecting over my past four years at IU in addition to mapping out the next couple years. As with anything, I am left with more questions than answers. I could easily compile a list of what I want to know about my future but I will attempt to decipher my own emotions into coherent paragraphs.

This past summer, I felt especially appreciative of the IU campus. The workers do not get enough credit for making the campus look stunning at every season- I applaud them. I enjoy just walking through campus because of its vibrancy and beauty. There’s always somewhere to explore whether it be a different walking path, the woods, or various buildings. There are so many opportunities to learn and be in awe- the Art Museum, the Kirkwood Observatory, or the Kinsey Institute. Maybe it’s because I work at Wells but I am particularly fortunate for our library system. Some schools only have one campus library but we basically have a library for each school. That means perfect study spots and an incredible amount of resources.

On a larger scale, Bloomington is the perfect college town. I am a firm believer in knowing a city through eating their food… and with that, I definitely know this place. The local restaurants reflect Bloomington’s culture, innovation, and connectivity. My taste buds will always remember Taste of India lunch buffets, Feast tamales, and BBC jalapeño bagels. Volunteering has also opened up a new avenue for me to find a deeper connection within the community. I am fortunate enough to have spent time at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, Girls Inc., and Lotus Festival. They each have added to my memories in Bloomington. Through volunteering, I was reassured that small actions can make lasting impacts.

I realize this post may sound like I am graduating tomorrow or not be career-related enough. To that, I say it is important to step back and appreciate your environment. Also, this point of uncertainty and excitement in soon-to-be graduates is a pretty universal feeling. Before this academic year even started, I found myself reflecting over my life as I stared into the mountains outside the Bozeman Airport. Now as I write this, I am transporting myself back to this same window. I hope to maximize my college experience in this final semester. I want be optimistic for the future and open my mind to different perspectives. I want to discuss important issues with professors and learn about their academic journeys. Lastly, I want to make time for the friends that I’ve made in this lovely town. I intend to not be plagued by uncertainty and self-doubt but to approach this semester with confidence and determination.


I leave you with my own last semester bucket list and I encourage you to create your own.

  1. Watch an opera at the MAC (Carmen?)
  2. Visit the Kinsey Institute
  3. See a movie at the IU Cinema
  4. Read Sylvia Plath’s manuscripts at the Lilly Library
  5. Attend a calligraphy and henna lesson at the Asian Cultural Center
  6. Utilize Writing Tutorial Services at least once
  7. Take advantage of my free appointment with a registered dietitian

unnamedShannen Keene is a senior from Ellettsville, IN pursuing a degree in Community Health. Bloomington has taught her the value of diversity, culture, and good food. After graduation, she hopes to venture out West to serve for AmeriCorps then apply to an urban planning graduate program.


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