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New Year, New Goals


As bloggers, we are learning and exploring different aspects of the professional world- putting ourselves out there and sharing our experiences with you. We strive for positive personal growth and with the new year, we are reminded of ways to improve.


Trishnee Bhurosy

At the dawn of the New Year, 3 main resolutions come to my mind and I intend to get a head start on the following:

  1. Having already got a job interview during the first week of January, I fully intend to look for more such opportunities in spring in order for summer to be productive.
  2. Getting the initial phases of my research plan sorted out so that during the summer, I have a well-defined agenda to conduct part of my study.
  3. Being better at keeping a balance between academics and my hobbies. One additional motivation would be to work out more regularly, especially post New Year and what better way to shed off the stress.



Erika Wheeler

This year, I will finally narrow down my Career Wish List and start making meaningful strides toward working in those fields. This includes getting my career resources in order, like updating my resume and polishing my LinkedIn profile. Graduation is just around the corner, after all! And the next stop? Career! Time to get prepared!




Rachel Brown

This year, I will seek out 2-3 volunteer opportunities during spring and fall semester to get a better sense of what type of setting I want to work in when I graduate.




Elizabeth Terry

This is looking to be a big year in the career department for me. I will be graduating in May (none of this “I’m planning on…” stuff anymore) and then thrown out to the wolves, with several goals in mind. Hopefully, I won’t get eaten and thus be able to accomplish the following:

  1. April – Before being thrown out, complete my internship to the best of my ability
  2. May – Pass the NCTRC exam (National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification)
  3. Summer 2016 – Evaluate what I want in a first job, and if I haven’t already done so, secure by end of summer 2016 (though I won’t complain if it’s earlier.
  4. After getting job – make more goals, because it will be just the beginning 🙂


Brandon Jones

My New Year’s Resolution is to work more diligently on my LinkedIn profile and résumé. If I do this I will be more prepared for the application and interview process for summer internships during the coming



Shannen Keene

In 2016, I hope to revamp my closet by investing in more professional attire. I also would like to focus on networking and more specifically, form relationships with my professors this semester (and stay in touch with past ones). Lastly, I hope to remember the value of a public health perspective.



Ally Hunt

My New Years resolutions for my career path include being open to new opportunities, doing a better job of networking, and staying true to myself while navigating the career world.


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