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On this occasion, get rid of the stress and do some mess.  Eat well and get that sleep you’ve been craving for! It’s called my energy-saving mode! No better way to tackle what’s on your to-do list – job hunts, interviews, internship, studies…Oh, I forgot to tell you – get some lasagna with your loved ones!




Don’t let the break melt away without starting your internship or job search. Now’s the time to start looking! Take advantage of the free time while you’ve got it.





Kevin McCallister

The holiday season is the perfect time to prepare for the summer internship application season that is right around the corner. (Just like I got ready for those bad guys that came to my house!) Update your resume and LinkedIn, and search for all kinds of summer internships in your major-specific field.



Santa Clause

The only thing better than a holiday with family and friends? No ho-ho-homework! But just like Christmas, your job search is right around the corner! Good boys and girls will spend the holiday preparing by polishing their resume, updating their LinkedIn, checking potential jobs leads, and putting together a professional wardrobe. It seems like a lot to do, so take a page from my book – make a list and check it twice!



George Bailey

This holiday season, its important to remember why you choose the field you are studying and the motivation behind that. For me, I became a businessman to follow in my father’s footsteps. Sure he wasn’t a rich man with material things, but he was one of the richest men I have ever met. During rough times, he remembered that people in our community were family and they should be treated that way. He never thought of himself first and was always willing to give to people who needed it the most. Through his work here at Building and Loan, he was able to give families new starts and get them out of the slums. I hope that I can become half of the man that my father was. That is what it’s all about. I hope that during this festive time of year, you look back and recognize why you choose the career you did. I know I did it to enrich the lives of the community around me. It sure is a Wonderful Life.



Cindy Lou Who

If you don’t hear back from companies during this time, please don’t stress out! They’re probably wrapping gifts and enjoying all the holiday cheer- which you should be doing too!




Yukon Cornelius

Don’t worry about those folks who seem to be living it up on break and doing all sorts of crazy things. You eat that whole can of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. You watch the history channel or Hallmark Christmas movies all day, or maybe go on a run or get some human contact. But do what you like – your contentedness over break is all up to you.



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Job opportunities for Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington majors are diverse and expanding as the emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle grows around the world. Career Services experts in each of our academic departments will provide one-on-one counseling and career building opportunities throughout your academic career, from choosing the right major to developing a strategy to find a job. They can assist you with:

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•resume and cover letter preparation
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