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Your Winter Break To-Do List

My last post got me thinking more about the other ways there are to network and look for jobs that are a little easier on introverts. I also started thinking that winter break is the perfect time to start the job search, whether you’re looking for a summer internship or a full time job. The following tips aren’t just for introverts, though. Take these tips into consideration between the holiday festivities and get a jump on your job search.

LinkedLiven Up Your LinkedIn: A good place to start—without having to leave your bed or change out of your PJs—is updating your LinkedIn profile—or starting one if you haven’t already. Check out Erika’s awesome post from last month on the basics of LinkedIn to get started. Schedule some time over the break to freshen up your profile with your most recent work experience. Don’t forget that you can link to blog posts you’ve written—reminder to self—or anything else you’ve published online. Winter break is a great time to upload new projects or work that you did last semester and keep your profile current. LinkedIn gives you a chance to showcase what you don’t have room for on your resume.

Reconnect Relationships: Have you had a previous internship, summer job, or volunteer experience that you loved? Take some time to reach back out to those former supervisors and mentors. Maintaining those relationships, believe it or not, will help you find other jobs in the future. Let them know how you are doing and what your career goals are. If you had a good experience, I’m betting they will be glad to hear from you. What’s more, they will be more than glad to help you figure out your next move. The world is a small place. Chances are they will know someone and help connect you with where you want to go.

Plan, Plan, Plan: Winter break, while you aren’t overwhelmed with syllabi, homework and extracurriculars, is a good time to look up events happening spring semester and note them in your planner, calendar on your phone, or whatever you use. Look up career fairs happening on campus or in your local area. Compare them with your schedule and plan ahead. If you’ve got it written down, I’ll bet your chances of actually going will be a lot higher. Also, while you are home you can get your suit dry cleaned, pressed and ready. Lastly and most importantly, planning ahead will help you set deadlines for yourself for when to have your resume edited and when to make an appointment with your career adviser.


Do Your Research: Start looking for companies you might want to work for—you don’t have homework to work on, so you may as well do it now. Knowing what industry you want to work in and which companies appeal to you will help you be better prepared to work on your resume when their internship applications are finally posted. And, it’ll help you perform way better during your future interviews. When you’ve read up on news about the company and are prepared with questions for your interviewers, they will be impressed.

I don’t mean for this post to overwhelm you: I promise I am looking forward to doing nothing over break as much as the next person. Nonetheless, when your school responsibilities start to pile up in the spring, you’ll be glad you put in the work over break.

rRachel Brown is a first-year graduate student. She is pursuing a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Professional Health Education. Rachel loves sharing her passion for health and wellness with others, traveling to new places, and enjoying a good meal.


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