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Organization Spotlight: Timmy Global Health

I love the holiday season and everything that it includes. I love the first real snow, family time, exchanging gifts, and of course, Starbucks Holiday drinks. For me the true meaning behind the holidays doesn’t include any of this. The holidays allow me to take a step back and see what is truly important in my life. I am so grateful for my family, friends, and my various communities at IU. One of the communities that I am particularly thankful for is my Timmy Global Health family. Timmy Global Health is a nonprofit that broadens healthcare globally and focuses on health challenges that are faced world-wide.

Lucky for us, there is a Timmy Global Health Chapter here at IU. I was able to interview Kokie Zimmerman, the Marketing Chair at out IU chapter. She was able to shine a little light on why Timmy Global Health is so special on our campus.


Why did you want to become a part of Timmy?

Like many students just starting college, I was looking for something to be passionate about and a way to get involved around campus.  Timmy came to be through a few friends my freshman year, and seeing how passionate they were about it encouraged me to go to a call out meeting.  Seeing the leaders of this club and how sincerely invested they were in our mission was something that I admired, and from that moment on, I have been a part of Timmy.

What is one of your favorite events that Timmy chapter at IU puts on?


Last year’s GlowRun!

One of my favorite events that our chapter puts on is our annual GlowRun.  It’s our biggest event, so all of the committees are super invested in it.  We all come together and work extremely hard to put on this event, and every year it grows! Last year we more than doubled our numbers, and it was such a blast!  People all over campus come out for this huge event.  There’s a DJ, you get to throw paint at friends, and then we all come together at the end for a short run around campus.

Is Timmy just for students studying medicine or health?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Timmy honestly has something for everyone.  We have business students, education students, fine arts student, pretty much every major you can think of!  Anyone can relate to our mission, and it’s really valuable to have many different majors involved to see different people’s perspectives and thoughts on things.

How can people get involved in Timmy? 

We have call out meetings right at the beginning of the semester!  Follow us on social media to keep up with meeting times and event updates!

Facebook: Timmy Global Health IU

Instagram: iu_timmy

Twitter: IUtimmy

I hope some of this information about Timmy Global Health inspires you to take another look at what the holiday season means to you. This holiday season and beyond, it is important for me to give back to communities that have given so much to me and one way I can do that is volunteering and being a part of Timmy. Hopefully we will see some new faces next semester with Timmy!!

“We weren’t all born to be doctors and nurses,

but we were all born to be healers.” -Dr. Charles Dietzen


sAlly Hunt is a junior from Zionsville, IN currently completing her degree in Community Health. She’s a lover of animals, traveling, and all things Beyonce. Even when life throws her curve balls, she’s grateful to be in the game!



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