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Meet Our New Blogger: Quanisha

Quanisha Morrowsss

Year: Senior

Major: Community health

Minors: Youth development/ Human development & Family Studies

Hometown: South Bend, IN

Career goal: I hope to serve marginalized and underprivileged communities through health empowerment.

Hello! I am just here to enlighten others through my personal experiences, and endeavors at Indiana University-Bloomington. I chose to accept my offer to IU after I decided that I didn’t want to go to Purdue. I can attest that I have never regretted my decision at any time during my undergraduate experience.

Who am I? I love card games, pretty much anything consisting of peanut butter, the color purple, cats, Lauryn Hill, my forever supporting system of family/ friends, and Marvel movies tend to excite me a little more than they actually should. It might sound cliché, but I love helping others and I am very passionate about my field of study, community health. While the health of everyone is important, health disparities are very prevalent in our society. I am pursuing a career in which I can serve the health of marginalized and underprivileged communities through health empowerment and I hope to one day create a low barrier non-profit organization that will provide breast care services to men/ women who express the need. Breasts are awesome so we need to take care of them! I hope that didn’t sound too weird.

Currently, I am interning at the Monroe County Health Department where I assist the evaluation and creation of Baby and Me Tobacco Free. This is a tobacco cessation program with the mission of reducing tobacco use in the pregnant and post- partum population. I also volunteer at the Shalom Community Center, a daytime low- barrier resource center for those in need.


Ruhengeri, Rwanda 2014

I resonate my love of helping others through my involvement at IU. I am a member of Books & Beyond, an organization with the mission of improving critical literacy skills in the youth. In 2014, this organization allowed me to share my love of helping others globally in Rwanda, Africa where I taught youth (9-13- years- old) my native language, English.

Most relevant to my public health passion includes my recent commitment to a new student organization on campus, Public Health Student Association. The motto of this organization is, “For Empowerment Through Health”. PHSA’s main objective is increase public health awareness at IU through programs. The last organization of my involvement that I will talk about is Scholarship Advisory Committee. This organization provides me with the privilege to attend receptions in various cities. At these receptions I talk to students who have already accepted IU scholarships. I tend to boast about the prestigious institution that I attend (IU of course), and the School of Public Health pops into conversations quite often.

If I had to pick two concepts to share with you, I would tell you to step out of your “box” (your comfort zone), and to not be shameful in showing your heart. Overcoming these two things have been pertinent in my growth, personally and academically. All of this leads me to conclude by expressing (through words) that I am so excited to share my world with everyone through the School of Public Health Career Services Blog!


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