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Negotiating Sports Jobs!

Well, congratulations, you landed one of the jobs you’ve been applying for. Now what do you do? You negotiate! The key thing to remember in negotiations is that it is not simply limited to negotiating a higher salary. I will share with you some of the other aspects you can negotiate, especially pertaining to sports.images


1) Working in sports usually requires you to travel, work nights, weekends and holidays. The first thing I would negotiate is vacation days and paid time off. I know that I would love working in sports, and I will love my job, but there are days you just want to have off, and be with family.

2) You can also negotiate your performance bonus. I know this has to do with money, but I want to work in ticket sales, so I would maybe want to negotiate how much commission I would get after completing each sale.

3) Sales is also another job which you can work various hours a day. I like to push myself, so if i have to make 100 calls a day, I’m going to make at least 100 calls no matter what. I might negotiate what they call “flex time”. This would mean that maybe I would work extra hours a few days a week making 100 calls, an couple days a week my I would make at least 80 calls, but be able to work less hours to even out the overtime.

4) Ticket sale requires training. I would negotiate, and insist on having a job training, in which I would be paid so that I would be the best at my job. Along with that, I might insist I get help to pay for further education, such as grad school.

5) Lastly, since I live in New York City, I might want to drive to work a couple days out of the week instead of taking public transportation. I don’t want to have to leave extra early to have to drive around for 15 minutes looking for a parking spot. I would negotiate having a designated parking spot.


Nindexegotiations are all up to what you want and hope to gain from the job. It really depends on the job you are applying for, the company, and your personal needs and intentions. Negotiations will vary from person to person, from area to area. This post is to give you a feel of the other negotiations you can make outside of money. Get those job offers and get down to your negotiations business!


JilianSixsmith-Cox_BioPicJillian Sixsmith-Cox is a senior majoring in Sport Communication, with a focus in Telecommunications. She was born and raised in New York City and currently loving her time in the best college town ever. She loves to travel, hang out with friends and take photos. Her passion is playing sports and she enjoy to making other people laugh.


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