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Employer Spotlight: Andretti Sport Marketing

The School of Public Health Spring Career Fair is February 25, 2015, and I had the opportunity to speak with a representative from Andretti Sport Marketing. I spoke with Beth Fischgrund, and I leaned quite a bit about the company. The headquarters are located in in Indianapolis but they have other satellites in Miami, New York and Toronto. This means they try to host other events in those cities. For example, I was given the example of the “Indy E” which is an electric car race. The Indy E is an event, taking place in Miami where a street course is being built; therefore an office was put in Miami where employees have been meeting for five months.

Andretti Sport Marketing is currently hiring summer interns. They would be based in Indianapolis, helping with projects involving marketing, client services, public relations and research. Positions for internships are available in the summer, fall, and spring. Ms. Fischgrund also noted that their current intern also works with the social media websites for Andretti as well. When I was setting my call up with Ms. Fischgrund, she told me she was in New Orleans promoting an event, so I was wondering if any travel is involved for the position they are currently hiring for. She said it really depends if there is an event, and if they think the intern is a good fit, they would then make arrangements for the intern to travel with the company.

index  In terms of Andretti Sport Marketing as a whole, the company is about three years old, and it is very well known, because of the name Andretti; they are the sister company of Andretti Autosport. Andretti works with cooperate clients such as Volkswagen and DHL, which they do custom marketing for; they are very involved in the racing world because of their name, and do a lot of street circuits. They are planning a race in Milwaukee in July, in which there will be a volleyball tournament during the race; I think this is a really cool marketing strategy.

What did Ms. Fischgrund think the best part about working at Andretti Sport Marketing? The people. Everyone who works there are really good friends, in and out of the office and she enjoys working with a group of people who are very creative and can brain storm together. She says the culture of the company is comforting, professional, outgoing and creative. An ideal candidate for Andretti Sport Marketing is someone who is professional, creative and hardworking. The hours are eight to five, but sometimes fun longer. They look for someone who is self motivated, someone who can take on designated tasks and go beyond what is expected of them.

In terms of full-time positions after the internship, most start out being assistant’s of some kind, helping with projects until they can start completing their projects in their own. Most of the employees at Andretti Sport Marketing started as unpaid interns and have then been hired on. Ms. Fischgrund after her internship she was hired as the executive assistant to the president of the company, and worked hard and now is a client services representative.

Overall I enjoyed getting to know the company and if you are interested in sport marketing, I encourage you to not only visit Ms. Fischgrund at her table, but attend the fair and see all the other companies attending!


JilianSixsmith-Cox_BioPicJillian Sixsmith-Cox is a senior majoring in Sport Communication, with a focus in Telecommunications. She was born and raised in New York City and currently loving her time in the best college town ever. She loves to travel, hang out with friends and take photos. Her passion is playing sports and she enjoy to making other people laugh.


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