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If you’re like me, you’re facing the reality of graduation and the need to find job to become a ‘real adult’. While the job search can seem never ending, there is one simple task, which can make the process easier. Networking. In my field of sports, knowing someone is a big plus. Knowing people in general can help anyone become successful. During winter break, while I have nothing to do academically I plan to network. My plan is connect with people who live in New York City; with similar job interests and who likely are Indiana University alumni. I’m going to share with you the steps you can take in order to network over your winter break.


First thing’s first, figure out who you want to talk to. There are people you may know through internships, friends or family. Ask those people close to you if they can help you put in contact with a person working at your potential employer. Secondly use LinkedIn to your advantage; jazz up your profile with pictures and experiences. On LinkedIn there is a way to search for IU alums and filter results based on where you want to be geographically, what type of work you want, and your interests. Visit the website here for convenience! Thirdly for the most important part: initiating the conversation. When you find someone of interest, request to connect with him or her. Send him or her a personal message asking if they would be willing to talk to you via phone, or Skype, or even in person if you are in the same area. Offer to talk over a cup of Starbucks. If they agree to talk, be sure to have a set of questions ready to ask them, for example why they chose the job they did, how did they become successful, if they have any tips. Lastly, always follow up. If you found that you really enjoyed the person you connected with and you felt they had good information to offer, send them a thank you note and follow up with them. Don’t forget to stay in contact with them, keep the relationship going. Once the time comes for you to apply for a job, they will likely realize it. They may offer you a job, but you also may have to ask. Ask gently if there are any job openings they could help you with. Remember to always be polite, and don’t expect to have a job once you connect with someone. Hold your head up high if no connections arise right away. Keep trying! The School of Public Health career website has some really great information on how to network and how to handle yourself in interviews.

I have attempted to use LinkedIn, and no luck so far; I think my profile may need some touch-ups. Apart from my LinkedIn, I am excited to have the opportunity to network in a different way. I have the amazing opportunity to go on a networking trip in New York City. I am so excited to go on this trip because we have chance to meet so many amazing people to network with. While I live in Manhattan, and this trip is ideal for me, I’m not going into it looking for a job. I am going into the trip to meet people from the sports industry and to get to know them and inquire why he or she entered the field. I do hope it turns into a job, but my first goal is to become friendly with the connections, which should also be your first goal. There will always be a job offer at the end of the road.


JilianSixsmith-Cox_BioPicJillian Sixsmith-Cox is a senior majoring in Sport Communication, with a focus in Telecommunications. She was born and raised in New York City and currently loving her time in the best college town ever. She loves to travel, hang out with friends and take photos. Her passion is playing sports and she enjoy to making other people laugh.



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