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How to Update Your Resume Over Break

How-Often-Are-Resume-Updates-Needed_heroIt’s always a great idea to keep your resume updated, whether or not you searching for a job. The easiest way to do this is to keep a running list of all your jobs, volunteer positions, and leadership roles. This list is simply one large document written for your eyes only. From this document, it becomes easy to design and tailor a specific resume to a specific position.

Here are several tips to make sure your resume is top-notch:

  1. Include your name and contact info at the top of the page. The top center or the top right are the best locations.
  1. Use active verbs when describing your previous job positions (assessed, designed, implemented, revised, utilized, etc.).How-Often-Are-Resume-Updates-Needed_01
  1. Tailor your resume to the position for which you are applying. Yes, you should list your experiences and jobs in reverse chronological order, but if your most recent job was at Chick-fil-a and you’re applying for a web design position, that old job probably won’t help you get where you want to be. Instead, it would be better highlight your experiences that pertain to web design.
  1. No need to include references on your resume. This information takes up valuable space that can instead serve to highlight your relevant work and leadership experience.
  1. Always, always proofread your resume multiple times. Get multiple friends to look over it too. Check for punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, and grammatical inconsistencies.
  1. Make sure the font, margins, spacing, and font size are readable and aesthetically pleasing.
  1. Take your resume to Career Services. They give you relevant feedback and specific suggestions to help you make a stellar resume!

Best wishes on your finals and have a wonderful winter break!

Miriam23Miriam Boyken is a third-year graduate student at Indiana University. She is currently working toward her Master’s degree in Kinesiology with emphases in Applied Sport Science and Physical Activity, Fitness, & Wellness. She recently started her own personal training business and hopes to grow it by leaps and bounds after she graduates in 2016. She is also happily married and enjoys distance running.


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Job opportunities for Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington majors are diverse and expanding as the emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle grows around the world. Career Services experts in each of our academic departments will provide one-on-one counseling and career building opportunities throughout your academic career, from choosing the right major to developing a strategy to find a job. They can assist you with:

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•resume and cover letter preparation
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