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The Indiana Hoosiers Football team is nearing the end of their season. The Hoosiers are 3-7 and have two big games left, one against Ohio State and the annual Old Oaken Bucket game against Purdue. A highlight of the season was beating Missouri. After this game, IU was behind the football team, and as the season continued, more games were lost, and the hopes for a bowl game started slipping away. I love football, but as an out-of-state senior, I’ve realized we are better known as a basketball school. No matter what, once a Hooiser, always a Hoosier, and the most important point is to stand behind all twenty-four of our teams. As the season starts to wrap up, here are a few career lessons I’ve learned from IU Football.1409184716223

  • Always to listen to your authority figures

Listening to your coach is a big yes in the sports world. Listening to your boss is also a big yes in the work world.   This is important for an operation to run smoothly. A playbook needs to be established and followed. There are always unpredictable events, but the important part is to listen to what your higher-ups have to say. There is always someone who has more experience and who can teach you. Listening in football is important in executing a play in which you come closer to scoring points, or where you win brownie points in the office. It is important to be able to take direction and work your way up, because the authority figures are only helping you, not hurting you.

  • Do not depend solely on yourself

There is no I in team, and football is a sport in which members rely on each other to have a success. For the quarterback, there has to be a teammate in the general area you expect so that the throw and catch can be successful. Teamwork is something that we all hate to do in college. Hearing that there is a group project in a class is earth shattering, but teamwork is essential to the work environment. It is always important to remember that work builds on each person, and in football, scoring a touchdown takes the work of the quarterback, the running back, the tight end, and defensive members. The same applies to the office such as in a news office, there’s the intern, the news desk assistant, the producer, the anchor, the control room, and the news director. Working well with all these people, and offering help when needed is essential for success.

  • Keep persevering through

I think this is the most important aspect to learn from IU Football. The team has a season that has gone downhill and after high expectations of a strong season, the team has to remember why they play football. They play football because they love to. They may lose games, but there are some very skilled players, and there have been a handful of good wins. The players keep going every day, they wake up for practice, they go to classes and on game days, they play their hearts out. In a work environment if you do something wrong, or make a mistake, do not let it discourage you. Push through the hard times; push through the long hours of work, and in the end it will pay off. The IU Football team will make a bowl game in the future, and you will get that promotion at work.


JilianSixsmith-Cox_BioPicJillian Sixsmith-Cox is a senior majoring in Sport Communication, with a focus in Telecommunications. She was born and raised in New York City and currently loving her time in the best college town ever. She loves to travel, hang out with friends and take photos. Her passion is playing sports and she enjoy to making other people laugh.


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