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Social Media and Your Job Search

Don’t let the title fool you; I’m not here to lecture you all about how you need a LinkedIn (although it does come in handy! How to use LinkedIn) I am writing to help you get a little more creative with your job search and market yourself the best way college students know how: SOCIAL MEDIA. While LinkedIn is useful for connecting with professionals and researching companies, many of you, along with myself, may find that it is difficult to really sell yourself when all you are given to show off is your resume, other connections, and endorsements. So I thought, why not show your professional skills along with your skills in social media to your potential employers that are constantly looking for tech savvy students.

Facebook: You’ve probably had one since freshman year of High School, and probably don’t even know half of your “friends” …but you’re in college now and ready to enter the real world right? So maybe instead of stalking your latest crush image-10you can scan through your list of friends and get rid of the people that you don’t actually know, delete your inappropriate pictures, and check out a couple companies you’re interested in. You may think your profile is on extra private mode, but you don’t want to walk into your new job with your ghosts of Facebook’s past haunting you. So go ahead… delete the bad stuff. Many applications I’ve gone through even have a space to put not only your LinkedIn page, but also your Facebook so clean it up and show it off!


Twitter: I know this is your personal space to vent your 140 character frustrations or tell your loyal followers how awesome your weekend was. Maybe this one is to difficult to part with and you can’t fathom deleting your one semi-inappropriate tweet that got 47 favorites just to make your twitter seem “professional.” I get it and I have another option for you: make a new account! (but first make sure your personal twitter is set to private) By having a professional twitter you will be able to follow companies you are interested in and see how they are using social media. You can even re-tweet things you find important or would like to share with your “professional” followers or tag companies in tweets you want them to see. I even had a friend who tweeted her online portfolio and resume to people until one gracious tweeter eventually took notice and sent her an email to send her resume to!

image-11Instagram: This is another one where two accounts may be better than one, but again make sure you know your limits and keep your personal one private and get creative with your professional one! Instagram a picture of you at an event the company you’re dying to work for put on, attend a conference and Instagram the keynote speaker, if you really want to brag you can even put a great filter on that A you just got on your last presentation. Follow groups and people you are interested in and make sure to tag them in things or events that apply to them.

YouTube: Although not everyone may have a YouTube account, and if you do you probably don’t subscribe to your future employers channel, but it can still be a great tool in your job search. Many employers are looking for candidates that are not only great on paper, but also in person. Make a video selling yourself to a company! This can be your virtual resume where you can talk about yourself and why you would be a great fit for a position. Another way you can use YouTube is to show off your skills. Take a video of a project you have been working on or create a video of photos from your latest event. I was able to use YouTube during my last internship to showcase the videos I created following each of our events and now I have all of those to show off!111
Regardless of which form of social media you choose to use as your new platform remember that they are all tools to show companies a new edge you can bring to the company.



EMMAKOEHLER_BioPicEmma Koehler is a senior at Indiana University. She plans to graduate in May 2015 with a degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management. Emma hopes to work in the hotel industry upon graduation. She is excited to share her own internship experiences and ideas with readers!



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