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Employer Spotlight: American Specialty Health

It was a pleasure interviewing Hillary Baumgart who is currently a Human Resources Specialist for American Specialty Health. Hillary received her Bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing from the University of Evansville. After working in a human resources position in Bloomington for three years, she relocated to Carmel, Indiana to take on this position. As the company continues to grows, they plan to have a staff of 675 in the Carmel area by 2016. Stop by the Career Fair and talk with Hillary directly if you’re interested in joining their staff!


What is American Specialty Health able to provide to its customers?

We are a specialty health services organization and we provide specialty healthcare networks and programs, fitness/wellness exercise programs, and population health solutions for health plans, insurance carriers, and employer groups.

What is the company’s strongest quality?

We really do live our mission statement, you know “walk the talk.” We promote healthy living internally and we reward employees that make steps to live healthy. You can actually earn discounts on your insurance premiums and we have wellness challenges. We have a lot of integrity and really believe in our mission statement.

Which service of American Specialty Health are you most proud of?ash2

The most exciting and rewarding position that we have within the company would have to be the health coaching position. We have telephonic health coaching for members that have our coverage. They go through wellness programs like weight management, tobacco cessation, stress management, and healthy living. The coaches are really able to encourage and motivate people to make those better, healthier life decisions and impact their longevity.

What positions are you currently looking to fill in the Carmel headquarters?

  • 10 health coaches
  • 13 customer service opportunities, part-time and full-time.
  • 3 account managers
  • Several IT opportunities (reports developer, a programmer, programming interns)

What do you look for in a Health Coach applicant?

We are requiring a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field. Some of the most common ones that I see are exercise science, community health, psychology, kinesiology, and nutrition. We’ve seen a lot of fresh out of college individuals do well in this role. Anyone that has some coaching experience; it can even be a cheer coach or a soccer coach.

We’re really looking for someone that’s empathetic, can tailor their coaching to the customer, and is really good at motivating them to overcome challenges and achieve their health-related goals. There are some certifications that we definitely value and consider a definite plus, but it’s not required. One certification that is really great is CHES: Certified Health Education Specialist. Also, a certified personal trainer or a dietetic certification.

Why do you enjoy working for this company?

I really enjoy the environment and the corporate culture. They’re really great with being open about communication. We have quarterly all staff meetings that are led by our CEO. He’ll go through financials, inform us about the previous quarter, talk about upcoming events, and maybe go into the next quarter. I love that they’re so open with information, you kind of know where we’re at. I can really support what the company does for a business; it’s something that most people can feel good about, empowering 37 or 42 million people in the US to live longer and healthier lives. Being a part of that is definitely rewarding.

What kind of career skills have you gained from this company?

For myself, I work in Human Resources. Some skills that I have developed would really be recruiting. I have been fortunate to be in our new office which is transitioning to be the new headquarter. So when I started, we only had about 20-30 people. I’ve been here one year and over the course of this year, we’re right around 180 employees. I have been able to really be involved in the recruiting and selection process, making sure we bring on quality people that fit our corporate culture.

What career advice would you give to current undergraduate students?

Find what you’re passionate about. Purse that and get involved in some sort of group, not only for the experience but for networking opportunities. LinkedIn has been great with recruiting for jobs or just getting the word out. If you have an opportunity for an internship, that’s going to help you solidify your interest or tell you to rethink it. Try not to set your expectations too high when you’re fresh out of college. While you have your degree, you are still going to be new to the market and they’re going to want you to prove yourself.


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetShannen Keene is a junior from Ellettsville, IN pursuing a degree in Community Health. Bloomington has taught her the value of diversity, culture, and good food. After graduation, she hopes to work for a nonprofit organization in Nashville, TN. Until then, her days will be filled with ice cream and watching Scandal.


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