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IU Athletics, Pacers and Royal United : Career Fair Employer Attendees

It is about the time of the year when seniors like myself have to start looking for job prospects. If you’re not a senior, hopefully you learn some about the amazing companies I will be highlighting. While reading this, I suggest you keep these companies in mind when you are looking for an internship or a job, because they provide a college graduate with a fun, competitive and beneficial work environment.

imagesStarting with our very own, Indiana University Athletics, I was able to meet with Jonathan Benedek, Director of Marketing for IU Athletics. At IU Athletics, in the Marketing Department, they are looking for Interns Hoosier_Roomfor Summer 2015 and for the 2015-16 school year. The application can be found on the IU Athletics Website, along with other applications within IU Athletics, hiring for other positions. I asked Mr. Benedek to tell me more about IU Athletics, and to describe the culture there. In the Marketing Department the ultimate goal is to promote and grow IU Athletics as a brand. They shoot to improve fan experience at all sporting events, increase attendance and reach out to the community. The Marketing Department also sets up tours for the general public, and tours of Memorial Stadium. Mr. Benedek told me the best parts about working at IU Athletics are how much fun it is, how everyone is hard working and that he gets to interact with all different types of people who love IU. He describes the culture as people who work hard, who have fun and who represent the university well and people who strive to achieve excellence in terms of championships among all sports. For Mr. Benedek, an ideal candidate for an internship in the Marketing Department must be positive, outgoing, responsible, and someone who can work well with others. He told while being involved within the university is important, it is more important to have someone who is dedicated, hardworking and overall someone who is easy to work with. If you are a junior or below, I encourage you to apply for this internship, because I can say that the opportunity to work with IU Athletics would be quite the experience.Pacersaltlogo

feverI was extremely excited to talk to Charlie Solnaker who is the Director of Consumer Ticket Sales for the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers play at Bankers Life Fieldhouse along with the WNBA team, Indiana fever. The Pacers are currently hiring for a Consumer Sales Executive, which is an entry-level sales position. They also hire for other positions, here are all the current job openings. A candidate needs no prior experience, but they do need a college degree and they prefer someone who wants to get into sales and sports, as well as someone who is competitive, organized and coachable. Simon Property Group, a company that develops retail shopping centers, owns the Pacers and after decades of doing this they decided to purchase the Pacers. Simon Property Group also owns the Indiana Fever. The position for the Indiana Fever starts in January, while the Pacers position starts in June 2015. On the Pacers side, the job involves more than just basketball. There is also a full business operation of ticket sales, marketing, community relations, and PR. The Pacers have everything a regular company does too; basketball is just an added plus. The Fever has a dedicated staff, just slightly smaller than the Pacers. Mr. Solnaker describes the culture of the Pacers depends on the department a person is in. In ticket sales, it is a competitive environment because being on the leader-board in ticket sales is important; he continues to describe the culture as hardworking, learning heavy, and lots of training, with a focus on improving, and super upbeat. Mr. Solnaker says the best part about working with the Pacers is being around a lot of good people and hiring a lot of really good people who are hardworking, dependable, easy and fun to talk to, and of course he loves the sports environment. To me, this really sounds like a great job, and I would apply in a heartbeat if I ever moved to Indianapolis

logo_fullLastly I had to pleasure of learning about a company named Royal United Mortgage, located in Castleton, IN. The representative I spoke to, Audrey McCarty gave me so much amazing information about Royal United, and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to be employed here. Ms. McCarty is the Director of Recruiting and Employee Development and has been working with Royal United since they were founded in March 2008 with just twenty-four employees. The company has grown to having over 300 employees currently, and their sole goal is serving their customers as well as they serve their employees. Royal United was rated in the top five places to work in Indianapolis in the last five years of which employees vote on. Last year Royal United was rated one of the top places to work in Indiana. The position Royal United is always hiring for is the Inside Sales/ Home Loan Advisor, and on occasion they hire college graduates for other positions. In learning more about the competitive work environment at Royal United, I found that they are also a very tight knit community. Royal United is drawn to college kids that were involved in their community because Royal United is very involved with Habitat for Humanity, and School on Wheels; they are involved in over twenty philanthropies. Royal United also has a blood drive every sixty days, which they pay their employees to participate in the philanthropies every four hours a month. As a company, all promotions are internal and students are hired right after graduation. There is no minimum tenure requirement for promotions; a hard working employee can be promoted to the Assistant Vice President within twelve months, for example. The position of Inside Sales/ Home Loan Advisor includes speaking to customers all day, no cold calling. Employees are calling qualified leads meaning people who have applied for mortgages online. In terms of pay, it is base plus bonus with unlimited earning potential. For new employees there is a ten week structured training program where new hires are paired with a mentor who works side by side with them through their training. Inside Sales/ Home Loan owners are involved in over twenty states, so they are very busy via phone, calling all across the country. Ms. McCarty says the best part about working at Royal United is to have had the opportunity to see the organization grow and to have been part of a company that started off so small, to expanding to over 300 employees. She really is proud to have been one of the original employees and to have helped the company grow to its current day success. The culture at Royal United is described as: fun, competitive, and rewarding. There are sales contests, so people are incentivized to do better. Ms. McCarty tells me an ideal candidate they look for is someone who has very involved in college such as in the Greek Community, intramural, college athletics, people who have done more than just go to college for an education because this proves those are the people who are dedicated and who have good time-management skills. When I asked Ms. McCarty if she had anything to add, she just wanted to note that employees have full benefits, there is a gym membership as long as employees go seven times a month, health and wellness programs, a leadership and development program and they have Thanksgiving dinners for employees. In my eyes, this job really sounds like a fantastic job, more and a fun bonding experience.

All three of these employers have similar ideals in their candidates; they all want someone who is hard working, who is dependable and fund to work with. I had such an amazing time learning about all three employers and if you are reading this post, and think, “wow, I could really see myself working with that company”, I encourage you to apply. IU Athletics, the Indiana Pacers, and Royal United Mortgage will all be at the School of Public Health Career Fair on Tuesday October 28th, 10:30 am- 1:30pm, be sure to attend!


JilianSixsmith-Cox_BioPicMy name is Jillian Sixsmith-Cox and I am a senior majoring in Sport Communication, with a focus in Telecommunications. I was born and raised in New York City and currently am loving being in the best college town ever. I love to travel, hang out with my friends and take photos. My passion is playing sports and I enjoy to making other people laugh. Hope you enjoy my blog!



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