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Meet our new Blogger: Clara!

1378605_10202031369887419_1647978524_nName: Clara Califf

Year: Senior

Major and Minor: Safety and Environmental Management

Hometown: Covington, KY

Career goal: I hope to join the Peace Corps after graduation and then go wherever the wind takes me after that.

To better introduce myself to the blog readers I am going to talk about all of the things that I enjoy, love, and look forward to on a daily basis. I’m hoping this comes across as a relatable way to get to know me rather than a random string of thoughts. However as anyone that knows me can confirm, usually my thoughts are pretty random. But random can be good, right?

There are not a lot of things I love in this world more than a good hike on a beautiful day with my dogs. If I am being honest I IMG_2573just really love dogs. I have 5 at home. I love my family because they encourages me to take less than traditional career paths such as joining the Peace Corps (hopefully). I love my group of friends for their honesty and acceptance of me for all my quirks. I love folky type music but I also really love some street cred worthy rap. I like to cook and I love to eat. I eat vegetarian for the most part, but when I’m craving it nothing can stop me from getting my Scotty’s blue cheese and buffalo burger. Nothing. I wear my Chacos so much that you would think I was born and raised in the woods. However I do tend to monogram everything that I own so you could think I was born and raised in a country club. In reality I live and grew up on a vineyard in northern Kentucky and then relocated to southeastern Indiana. The word vineyard is a pretty posh word for what I grew up with, in reality it’s much muddier and sweatier than most people think. My favorite colors are all shades of blue. My favorite places in Bloomington are, in this order, my bed, Village Deli, Griffy Lake, and Dunnkirk. When I’m not in class you can probably find me in one of these places.

DSC03200I really enjoy working out and overall health consciousness; I think this is what drew me to The School of Public Health and then this blog in the first place. My favorite thing about SPH is that students can turn their passion of health living and turn it into a profitable career. I am really looking forward to this coming year to be able to write about and connect with other students, faculty, and staff on matters that they care about.


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IUSPH Career Services

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