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Meet our new Blogger: Jillian

JilianSixsmith-Cox_BioPicJillian Sixsmith-Cox

Year: Senior

Major: Sport Communication-Broadcast

Hometown: New York, New York

Career Goal: I hope to work in the NFL, specifically for the New York Giants, working in production and possibly as an on air interviewer.


Felix is obsessed with transformers and Wolf is just cute.

I am just a city gal who is making my way through college in the good old town of Bloomington.  I love to play sports, my favorite is field hockey and I love watching football.  Football games always give me goose bumps because of the excitement factor during the games. I have two older brothers who also live in New York City, and two of the most adorable nephews named Felix (5) and Wolf (1).

My mom and I on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence Italy

My mom and I on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence Italy.

I love to take photographs and travel.  This past summer I traveled to Nashville, California, and Italy and all three trips were amazing. I find it so much fun to experience different cultures and ways of life.

I also love most types of music.  I have a current obsession with Jason Derulo right now and I am dying to go to his concert in Indianapolis next moth; his song “Wiggle” makes me just want to get up and dance. I also have a love obsession with Usher and I would love to see him in concert again; his song Confessions never gets old.

This past May sadly we had to put my dog Scooby to sleep.  I got him when I was eight years old, and I remember the day I picked him to be my dog.  He was a Jack Russell Terrier, and they are known to be hyper, but all the other puppies were jumping him on.  His one white ear and his other black ear attracted me and I was shocked he had not been sold yet.  I had a good fifteen years with him and he will always be my first pet.  I have another dog named Coco, who is also a Jack Russell, and extremely energetic; she is nine years old.  We had a new addition to my family and my mom was gracious enough to give me a puppy for my twenty-second birthday. We drove to Virginia in July and it was one of the highlights of my summer. He is the third Jack Russell in our family and his name is Bailey—easily mistaken for a girl.  Unfortunately for me he is not at school with me and I miss him dearly but I cannot wait to go back and see him.

Overall I love spending time with my friends and my boyfriend and laughing and I always find that laughter is the best medicine and that you can never laugh too hard—and there is word that the more you laugh, the longer you live.


My best friends Kaitlyn and Bianca.

My boyfriend Tyler

My boyfriend Tyler.



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