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Meet our new Blogger: Miriam!

Miriam2My name is Miriam Boyken and I am a part-time third-year graduate student in the School of Public Health. I am working toward my Master’s degree in Kinesiology with emphases in Applied Sport Science and Physical Activity, Fitness, & Wellness. I was born in San Antonio, Texas but call Richmond, Indiana my hometown. My current career goal is to grow my personal training business (Minimalist Personal Training) by leaps and bounds after I graduate in 2016. I am working with two incredible clients right now and hope to get many more after finishing with my program.

While I was working toward my undergraduate degree, I didn’t really do a whole lot other than attend classes, study, work, and hang out with close friends. When I moved to Bloomington in August of 2012, it was a completely fresh start, a chance to try new things and explore interesting options. The past two years have been filled with incredible changes. The biggest one is this: I met and married my husband. Marriage has not been easy and it challenges me daily to deal with my own issues of pride and selfishness. Also, I ran my first marathon in December of 2012 after only four months of training and will run my second one at the end of this month. I hope to run fast enough to qualify for Boston next spring.

In addition, I wrote a 6-part article series entitled Children & Marathons that was published on this past summer. Furthermore, I am an avid reader. This past summer, I read almost thirty books – my favorite title was called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. I am incredibly passionate regarding continued self-improvement and life-long learning. I typically reading at least four books at once and I am always on the hunt for more ways to gain knowledge within my chosen field and outside of it. I have so many interests; it was hard to select my current career path. My main areas of interest include simple living, getting out of debt (through Dave Ramsey’s books and podcast), blogging, American and British literature, American and European history, online income streams through blogging and social media (Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast), economics, politics, learning the Hebrew language (through Mango Connect from the Monroe County Public Library), William Shakespeare, Christianity, fitness, and nutrition. I also decided that I want to pursue a certification in the area of Group Fitness through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). In the next 2 years, I may also pursue a certification as an Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist from ACE. Finally, I just started my own book review blog ( and try to post one or two times every week.


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