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What to do When You Don’t Hear Back…

Sending of a job application or finishing an interview is a lot like the end to a first date. In fact the whole job searching process can be as awkward as dating in college. Will they call you after the interview? Will they call you after that first date? How long will it take them to call you? How long should you sit by the phone and wait? Here is some advice – it could be applicable to your job search or your love life – you choose which suits you best!

Don’t Sit by the Phone…Play the Field!
Sometimes when you interview, the prospBlog Photo 2ective employer will give you a window of time in which you can expect to hear back from them. Whether they give you that timeframe or not, that doesn’t mean you need to plan your life around that phone call. This is your time to keep pursuing other avenues of employment. There are so many options out there and if you want to find a job the best thing to do is to keep applying. While you are waiting to hear back from one employer, you will be missing out on other possibilities. Even if you are waiting on your dream job, you can’t have a one and done attitude about the job search. Keep looking for other jobs because the dream job may not happen right away.

You Don’t Have to Give Up

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No answer doesn’t necessarily mean no. There are all sorts of things that could be happening in this time of silence. Some employers don’t start reviewing applications right away. If you are feeling brave, you could contact your prospective employer and ask them what the timeframe is for hiring. Sometimes it is even posted in the job listing.
It is also possible that there were a few other candidates in line before you. This doesn’t mean that you are any less capable or desirable for said job. In the time that you are waiting there may be some other candidates that they are interviewing and saying no to. There may also be some candidates that say no to them. The great thing is – you will probably never know one way or another.

Don’t Pout When You Don’t Get What You Want
Ouch! Harsh, right? Not really. Our generation has a tendency to expect big things right away. That isn’t realistic. Maybe you don’t get your ideal job right away. That is no reason to take no job at all. You are not done building your resume once you leave college. College is just the beginning. It is also easier to get a job once you have a job. When companies see you are working and gaining more experience you will become much more competitive in the job market. What they don’t want to see is you sitting idle because you didn’t get what you wanted.

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“Sarah Purpura is a senior studying Dietetics. She hails from Wauwatosa, WI. Sarah has enjoyed her years at IU studying dietetics and getting to know people throughout the Bloomington community. After she graduates, she hopes to complete her dietetic internship somewhere in the Midwest and go on to become a nutrition educator in a school or community setting. “


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