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The Do’s and Don’ts of Workplace Etiquette

As previewed in the video clip from The Office, Michael Scott demonstrates DON”T number one: Don’t participate in office gossip. Office gossip is unnecessary and can only cause tension between you and your coworkers. Instead, focus on engaging in positive, constructive conversations in order to build relationships with your coworkers. Be complementary towards your coworkers and praise their success rather than pointing out their flaws.

Do dress appropriately. The key to dressing appropriately is easy enough: Follow the set dress code! Dress sensible and smart. Wear clothes that do not push the borderline of being inappropriate. Think about the impression that you are setting by what you wear.


Don’t use social media during work. Restrict yourself from using your own personal social media websites during work. Use social media only if it is for job purposes only. You can tweet, post pictures, and Facebook stalk your friends after work.

Do skip using foul language. Think before you talk. Instead of saying things in a vulgar way, find the nice way to speak.

Don’t use cell phones during meetings or when there are speakers. Turn your cell phone on silent or tuck it away in a desk drawer. People deserve your attention, insight, and full engagement.

Do give yourself enough time to arrive early to work. Not only will this help set a good impression of you and your work ethic, but also it will help you feel ready and prepared for work. Being frazzled and running in last minute is never fun.

Don’t engage in arguments when emotions are high. If your emotions are boiled up before you encounter someone, you risk saying something that you don’t mean. Instead, determine the right time to talk to people based on how you feel. Be open to compromise and listening.


Do use respect, honesty, and consideration. These key values will guide you towards the appropriate decision in all aspects of work. The essentials of etiquette come down to these three simple words.

This short list of Do’s and Don’ts is a great place to start when entering the workplace. In order to be on good terms with your co-workers, maintain proper behavior, and enter the office in a cool and collected way, keep the essentials of etiquette in the back of your mind at all times!

“Rachel Helfferich is a sophomore majoring in Dietetics. Her career aspirations includerachel
becoming a Registered Dietician and working to promote healthy, active


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