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Employer and Internship Spotlight from IU Athletics!

Name:  Davis BolsteinsIMG_0031

Current Company and Position:

Indiana University Dept. of Intercollegiate Athletics – Assistant Director of Events

How did you get into this field? 

I first started working in sales/marketing for a company in Los Angeles and I was working somewhat with pro sports teams in the area and I realized that it was not what I had imagined.  I decided to go back to grad school (at Michigan State) and I became involved with the Event Management department there.  I really enjoyed the behind the scenes aspect of the work, so that is how I decided to continue in the field.

What’s the best part of your current job?

The best part about my current job is that every day is completely different, and that the job changes as each season comes around.  We have football and other fall sports in the fall, Men’s and Women’s basketball during the winter, and then spring sports in the spring.

What’s the most challenging part of your current position or the industry in general?

The most challenging part of the industry in general is that you need to be ready for anything (mainly during the larger scale events) as the event is live and constantly things need to be coordinated.  For the larger events you have to coordinate between officials and visiting teams and also deal with crowd issues/custodial issues/ticketing issues.  We have to be constantly thinking on our feet and be prepared for numerous things.

What skills and characteristics are most important for success in this field/position? 

A very important characteristic is that you are very flexible and detail oriented.  You need to be prepared to assist a sports program with any need and try to facilitate a solution as quickly as possible.  Additionally, being able to anticipate certain situations is also very key.

What does a typical day or week look like for you in this position?

Our typical day/week changes, as we do not really have a typical day.  Our day(s)/weeks completely depend on what the different teams’ schedules reflect.  We can work a typical 40-hr week just between Friday-Sunday during most of the year, so Mon-Fri. is spent getting ready for the weekend’s athletic events.

What do you wish you knew when you were a student in college that you know now?

I wish I knew that internships help with obtaining the experience that led to my career, so in turn I would have started even earlier working with major college athletics.

Any other advice you would give to a student wanting to break into this industry? Seek experience early and often and be prepared to work in a very fun and ever changing environment that is accompanied with long hours and different types of weather.

Internship position you are spotlighting:  Assistant Game Manager

*Students if you are interested in this awesome internship opportunity email for more info and a job description! *

Are you open to having students reach out to you via e-mail to learn more about your career path?

Students can always reach out to me.  Just pass along this current email (


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