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Why Should You Become a Camp Counselor…


For the past two summers, I have had the pleasure of working at the camp that I also grew up attending, Quest.  When I sent in my application for the first time during my sophomore year of college, I had no idea how the experience of being a camp counselor would shape and change my life.  Like many of you, I wanted an internship that would make me look competitive in my field, and one that might also lead to post-graduate employment.  It was discouraging not to find that internship, but now I know I would never trade in my experience as a camp counselor for anything.

IMG_9600So why should you become a camp counselor…

I never expected to gain any skills or experience from my job as a camp counselor which would bulk up my resume, and advocate for my ability to become a dietitian.  I was wrong.  At camp, I fulfilled a variety of team and leadership roles.  I learned to collaborate with seven other counselors to plan Bible studies, worship services and recreational games.  I had the opportunity to work on my interpersonal communication skills with people my own age, as well as my campers.

During my time at camp, I was certified to run a climbing tower, and went through CPR and First Aid training – for free!  During worship services I ran MediaShout, a software program for worship music.  My second year working at camp, I was able to practice my public speaking skills by delivering a sermon.

See all these bolded words?  They have all gone on my resume!  All that experience from two summers!  The fancy term for these words would be transferrable skills.  However you refer to them, they give your resume a nice boost!

Photo-0033Even if working at camp didn’t help build my resume, I would have still devoted my summers to Quest.  The relationships that I developed with my co-workers and my campers have changed my life.  I have built lasting relationships with the other counselors that I worked with.  They continue to be some of my best friends to this day!

The relationships that I developed with my campers changed the way I live my life day to day.  It was incredibly important to model good behavior, and to treat my campers the way I would want to see them treat each other.  Even outside of camp, it is important that I live my life in a way that I would want them to emulate.  I still hear from a few of my campers from time to time.  I love to know what is going on in their lives!

If you are interested in pursuing a job as a camp counselor join us at the Summer Camp Jobs Fair on Wednesday, February 12th.  To find out how to best prepare for the fair and a list of the camps that will be there, visit our camp fair website.


sarah color run“Sarah Purpura is a senior studying Dietetics.  She hails from Wauwatosa, WI.  Sarah has enjoyed her years at IU studying dietetics and getting to know people throughout the Bloomington community.  After she graduates, she hopes to complete her dietetic internship somewhere in the Midwest and go on to become a nutrition educator in a school or community setting”


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