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Be Careful of What You Post!

Now that you have made it through the interviewing process and landed a job, it is time to learn how to upkeep your social media profiles. Social media, if used inappropriately, is a guaranteed way to get you fired from a job. Many people have made the mistake, but what exactly did they do wrong?

Complaining about your job

People like to complain. They complain about their younger brother or about the nasty burrito they had for lunch. The mistake they often make is posting a photo or a tweet on social media broadcasting their distaste. Do not update a Facebook status containing the reasons you disagree with a company policy or the real opinion you have of your boss. Employers simply enter your name into google and find every complaint and/or negative comment you have made guaranteeing a loss of your job.


Revealing Company Secrets

The reason the company you work for is successful is because it has a guaranteed tactic that really works. If they revealed their secrets, everyone would follow along. Posting comments online about either a trade secret or a special ingredient used in a recipe could ruin a company’s success. It is kept confidential because it gives your company an edge over other businesses.

Using Social Media on the Clock

No one likes their time being wasted, especially your employer. If a company lends you a computer during the work day, do not use it to tweet or update your Facebook status. You are being paid to do your job and it is the company’s right to determine how your time will be used on the clock. An employer wants their employees to be efficient with their time and concentrate on the task they are doing. When exploring different social media during the day at work, it diverts an employee’s concentration thus allowing less productivity.

Posting Inappropriate Photos

Make sure to not post and remove all inappropriate photos of you. Do not take photos while you are on the job, especially when it involves something that is completely unrelated. They will be used against you, especially if a fellow employee reposts an inappropriate photo that can make its way back to your boss. Always be aware of everything happening on social media.

Point in case, the story of a former taco bell employee who was fired for posting a picture of him licking a stack of taco shells on Facebook:


Check out this story about doctors and nurses taking pictures of themselves laying down at work – what they called the “laying down” game. It landed them on probation:

Posting a job offer

Yes, it is exciting to be offered a new job with a higher salary and better benefits, but you must be cautious when announcing it to the entire social media realm. This one is not as obvious as some of the others, but when you post about receiving a job offer from another company you can lose both your current and potential job. Why would a current employer want to keep you when he finds out you are going to leave? So a good tip here is to wait until the deal is finalized and you have already given notice at your current place of employment. Or you could just wait until you’ve started your new position and make the big announcement then!


Going into a professional career means that you must adhere to being a professional in all aspects of your life. Make sure that your social media represents you in an appropriate way so it will not hinder any job opportunities you come across in the future. Remember to keep your profiles clean and be aware of what you post and how that can affect your career.


jenJenny Agostino is a senior at Indiana University. She plans to graduate in May 2014 with a degree in Dietetics. After graduation Jenny hopes to complete a dietetic internship and obtain her license to practice as a registered Dietitian. She would also like to continue her education by attaining a Master’s degree in nutrition. “


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