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Do you Want to Work at a Summer Camp?


Every summer brings a chance for growth, involvement, and new experiences. You may find your adventure through a study abroad trip, a challenging job, or a prestigious internship. The opportunities seem endless, yet there is one more I would like to propose: Have you ever thought about working at a summer camp?

I recently interviewed my friend, Leah Ehinger, about her experience working as a Group Leader at Camp Schodack. Leah is an IU SPH senior majoring in Exercise Science, and she would recommend working at Camp Schodack to any SPH student. Leah truly lights up when she talks about her experience, the memories she made, and the lasting friendships that she created with the campers and other staff members Described as a “magical experience that can’t be summed up,” Leah’s story is worth reading about!

summercamp2To get a better idea about Camp Schodack, Leah began by sharing all the basic details:

“Camp Schodack is a youth summer camp in Upstate New York (Nassau/Albany area). Kids vary from ages 7-13 as campers and 13-15 for Leadership Training. Most kids come from NYC, Boston, and Westchester area, and some travel far.”

In this environment the kids are able to participate in a number of activities including swimming, soccer, hockey, gymnastics, dance, arts, crafts, horseback riding, high- ropes, zip-lining, go-karts, and mountain biking. As if that’s not enough, the camp also offers water sports on the lake such as wakeboarding and water skiing! There are Group Leader and Bunk Counselor positions offered for people interested in working the camp. In these positions you and 3-5 other counselors are responsible for a bunk, with as many as 17 kids. Their duties involve waking up the kids, leading them through their activity periods, and spending free time with them. Outside the bunk, there are Activity Counselors specific to each activity. I think that Leah summed it up pretty well when I asked her what was the most rewarding aspect of her experience at Camp Schodack:

“This experience has been so rewarding to me and I absolutely encourage anyone who can do it to definitely do it! It is basically a summer spent doing fun activities and playing in the sun. Some of the most rewarding aspects are the time spent with my kids.”

More stand out moments from Leah’s experience include the boat party on Hudson River that the camp throws for the staff, watching her girl campers grow into more independent young women, and the love created between the girls. Her memories did not end with the summer. She continues to receive postcards and bracelets from her girls at camp, even though she didn’t return to camp the following year. Also, she has traveled to Amerherst and Boston to visit her camp friends, and she had friends come all the way from Australia and NYC to visit her!

For more information on Camp Schodack specifically, visit

summercamp1Based on the physical activities and the involvement with nutritious food, Camp Schodack offers something for dietetic and nutrition majors, exercise science majors, fitness specialist majors, and many more. Leah sums it up best when she says, “SPH focuses on creating healthy and happy people through exercise and proper nutrition and camp definitely supports that notion.”

So what do you think? Interested in working a summer camp now? I know that I am!

The School of Public Health will be hosting the annual IU Summer Camp Jobs Fair on February 12th from 11:30am-3:00pm in Alumni Hall (IMU). There will be camps from all across the country in attendance. If you are interested in working at a camp this summer, come by and check it out!


rachelRachel Helfferich is a sophomore majoring in Dietetics. Her career aspirations include becoming a Registered Dietician and working to promote healthy, active lifestyles.”


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