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Are your online profiles professional?

How to clean up your online profile before an interview

Facebook, Twitter, Google + and the list goes on. Almost all of us have used at least one of these social media platforms, some of us even have accounts for everything. We use them for several reasons such as showing off friends with photos from a crazy party, complaining how your supervisor always picks on you at work, or sharing our entire day’s agenda to the social media world. We are constantly creating a virtual image of ourselves that one day future employers might stumble upon. Trust me, employers are using Facebook and other social media networks to judge the quality of a potential employee and whether or not they will hire them. So what should you do?

Start by cleaning up your profiles. Get rid of pictures showing off your beer pong skills or those regretful tweets about how mad you were at your ex. Employers will find these and will think twice about interviewing you.

Ellen may even decide to show your photos on national television:

Make sure that your privacy settings are correct. If you want to keep some of the photos and comments online it is good to ensure employers will never gain access to them. This can also show you are knowledgeable in web security, an important quality in the digital workplace of today.

Change your profile picture. Although you have changed your privacy settings, they will still be able to see your face through this picture. Be aware to pick something that appears professional, inviting, and actually looks like you.

cat       –>>>            jen

This photo represents me much better than the cat, although I do love cats.

Watch what you share and/or reblog, it can show a lot about yourself and what you endorse. An employer may get the wrong idea because you decided to retweet an inappropriate comment from your favorite comedy.

Remove anything that appears to be in excess. This could range from excess photos, Facebook statuses, tweets, blog posts, etc. when an employer looks at a person’s profile who tweets every five minutes they begin to conclude that this individual has way too much time on their hands.

Don’t get rid of everything you have on your Facebook or twitter accounts. Remember, not all photos are harmful, but instead the good ones can show your passions and help you land the position. It shows employers you deserve the position. You can use the About You section to introduce yourself and showcase your knowledge. When you decide to not get rid everything, make sure to keep your account very secure. There are a set of topics employers are legally not allowed to ask about you in an interview (race, religion, age, if you have children, etc.) but when stumbling upon these things in your social media accounts they can actually use these as a point of discrimination and may not hire you. Just be smart with what you choose to let them see, showing off your abilities but not allowing them to use it against you.

 Important skill: showing others how to carve a pumpkin.pumkin



As social media networks become exceedingly popular, it is beneficial to be knowledgeable on how to use them and how they work. This is a skill that is becoming essential in the workplace. So remember, clean your virtual image before an interview so one photo or comment does not ruin your future career.


“Jenny Agostino is a senior at Indiana University. She plans to graduate in May 2014 with a degree in Dietetics. After graduation Jenny hopes to complete a dietetic internship and obtain her license to practice as a registered Dietitian. She would also like to continue her education by attaining a Master’s degree in nutrition. “


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