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Employer Spotlight: Cerner Center

cerner_416x416As college students it is vital that we keep our eyes and minds open to future employers and opportunities. My eyes were opened to a leading health care technology company, Cerner Center, after my most recent interview with Jessica Lamb.

Jessica began by sharing that Cerner Center was ranked by Forbes as the 13th most innovative company in the world, as it works to make health care safer and more efficient across the globe. Needless to say, I was astounded from the start! Jessica was able to share more about Cerner:

“At Cerner, we’re continuously building upon our foundation of the smartest, most comprehensive family of solutions for the health care industry. Our proven technologies connect systems and people, putting information where it’s needed most. By providing complete financial, IT management and consulting services, we help organizations and communities of every size increase quality of care while reducing costs.”


In addition, I learned that Cerner works closely with its clients in order to better the well-being of the entire population. It seems as though Cerner really stresses its relationships with clients as a way to develop, grow, and achieve. Their focus is on the people.

You may be thinking—As a student in Public Health, working for this company could be a great fit! Lucky for you, Cerner offers Velocity Consulting opportunities for college students on the Public Health track. Velocity Consultants “communicate, collaborate and work to design and customize clients’ new or updated computer systems.” Consultants receive training, which involves gaining “insights in into Cerner’s consulting methodology” and immediate project work.

For further information about this great opportunity, visit and search for “Velocity”.

Furthermore, when you work at Cerner you are entering a work environment that Jessica describes as “empowering.” At Cerner you can grow through challenges, become well rounded through a variety of activities offered, and enjoy the perk of the jean casual dress code! Get this—Cerner wants YOU in order to offer innovative ideas and push the boundaries of health care. You would make an excellent employee at Cerner if you demonstrate good communication skills, are passionate about health care, and are yearning to learn new things.

I will leave you with one last piece of inspiration for your day, as we embark into the future opportunities presented before us. It’s simple: Learn + Grow + Achieve + Succeed.


**Cerner Center will be attending the  IUSPH Internship and Career Fair January 29 from 10:30-1:00pm in PH163! For more information on Cerner Center and other companies that will be attending visit !**


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