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Meet the Executive Director of Massachusetts Golf Association!

jesseFor this Career Spotlight, I was lucky enough to get to interview Jesse Menachem, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Massachusetts Golf Association (MGA).  Jesse’s story is one that every student can learn a lot from because it is a classic example of how paying your dues will take you a long way.

A golfer in high school, Jesse had always been interested in golf. Even after coming to IU, he still wanted to combine his love for golf and his home state of Massachusetts so he regularly went home during the summers.  He looked for internships after his freshman year, and was lucky enough to find one with MGA.  He ended up interning there every summer during college.

Luckily for Jesse, there was a job waiting for him at MGA upon his graduation from IU.  He began his time with MGA as the Director of Rules and Competitions, and was also a Tournament Director.  He has since worked his way to his current position as Executive Director.

Jesse says that the best part of his current job is being able to see the progression that has taken place since he first started with MGA.  He feels that he has a fantastic sense and feel of what the company stands for and what they can do, and he can now look at the bigger picture.

Luckily, the golf industry is on the upswing; but that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult to keep membership numbers strong.  In order to stay relevant, according to Jesse, it is important to stay creative in order to keep people involved in the game.

It is always nice to hear from somebody already in the industry about what kind of characteristics or qualities it takes to make it.  When I asked Jesse about this, he told me the most important things are teamwork and camaraderie.  He works with a small staff, and believes that it is very important that they all stay close and work together.  These are the people that he spends all his time with, whether it is in Massachusetts or on the road, so it is vital to keep good relationships.  Another key quality that he spoke about was communication.  Like any other industry, communication is extremely important so that everybody is on the same page.

It is always fun to speak to IU alumni because of the connection that is shared; regardless of what industry they are in.  When I asked Jesse about what he wished he had known when he was at IU, he felt very strongly about networking. He said that building relationships, nourishing those relationships and talking to as many people as you can goes a long way. He is a perfect example of this because he still has many of the relationships that he had as an intern, and now that he is Executive Director he is very glad that he made them.

Just like every other graduate, Jesse misses IU. He misses the camaraderie, from academics to social life to sporting events, and still keeps in touch with a lot of his friends.

Jesse has been kind enough to leave his information if any students would like to reach out to him and learn a little bit more about what he does.  You can email him at


“Matthew Wolfe is a senior majoring in Sports Communication.  He enjoys writing, mainly about sports.  After graduation, Matthew hopes to work somewhere within the sports PR industry.  His ultimate goal is to write for a major online sports publication, or be a play-by-play announcer for a basketball team.  Matthew loves comedy and action movies, and just about every television show. “


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