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5 Reasons You Should Volunteer

5.  Making Connections

Making connections is one key concept in successfully nailing a job, but by volunteering with a specific organization can make it much easier. The organization you volunteer with may be a future employer or have connections with an employer that you are highly interested in. When you establish a good relationship with the place you volunteer with, they can put a good word in by writing a letter of recommendation for you that can be used for a job you apply to in the future.

4. Discover What You Like

This is especially important because you do not know what you like until you actually try! When I had to volunteer at the IU Hilltop Garden for a class, I thought it was going to be overly tedious and boring. After being at the garden I came to find how much I enjoyed it, it was like a whole new world of weeding, mulching, and harvesting had opened up to me. So this goes to show, don’t be afraid to try anything, you may be surprised and find something you truly love

volunteer(Volunteering at Farmer’s Market for IU hilltop garden)

3. Practice Skills

Once you know what you are interested in, the next step is to really practice and fine tune your skills. Volunteering can be one of the best environments to do this. Back home I volunteered at a nursing home where I helped care for an elderly woman. I had to take her blood sugar levels before and after meals along with her blood pressure and documented everything she ate. My goal is to be a registered dietitian, and through this experience I was able to really experience what my job will be like one day, and practice doing it. You can do the same and take all of your learned skills into your future career while impressing employers.

2.  Build Resume

The resume is one of the main tools employers use to aid in the hiring process. It showcases your past employment, leadership roles, and other skills. Employers like to see a potential employee has volunteered because it shows active community involvement, good time management, and passion for your career. Make sure to find one place to volunteer at for an extended period time. It shows commitment to one organization and looks much better than only volunteering one time at several different places.

1. You Make a Difference

Not only will volunteering benefit you and your future career, but you are making a difference. Being the co-volunteer coordinator for the Dietetics Club at IU, I communicate with several different organizations who all are grateful for any help they receive from volunteers. Whether it is behind the scenes such as a food pantry or interacting with people one on one like the community kitchen, you should know you ARE making a difference. You are having some type of positive impact on your local community and the people in it.


Overall volunteering is good for your resume and your soul making you feel like this…

Jenny Agostino is a senior at Indiana University. She plans to graduate in May 2014 with a degree in Dietetics. After Jennygraduation Jenny hopes to complete a dietetic internship and obtain her license to practice as a registered Dietitian. She would also like to continue her education by attaining a Master’s degree in nutrition.


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