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Why You Should See a Career Advisor!

What do I wear to an interview? How can I make my resume more creative? Where should I look for internships? Is my Facebook profile professional? These pondering thoughts are among the many career questions that we come across as college students. Now the main question is: who do I ask, and where can I get answers to all my career related questions?

Have no fear, your career advisor is here! As a student in The School of Public Health you have a career advisor to guide and assist you along your path to finding a job. This was awesome news to me because I didn’t even know that I had a career advisor! Once I found out, I quickly decided to make an appointment and take advantage of all the resources we have at our fingertips here at IU. Also, I encourage you to visit your own career advisor and take advantage of all the resources you have!


Before going into my own career advising appointment I had two worries. 1) I worried that it was too early to be meeting with my career advisor. 2) I had no specific questions or major concern. However, these were silly worries on my part. There is no need to worry before you go into an advising appointment. Your career advisor wants to talk to you and is happy to see that you are showing concern about your future!

Overall, my own career advising appointment guided me on the right path for what I should be doing NOW, in order to build my professional self and enhance my chances of getting a job in the future. I met with Sarah Myers, the Career Advisor for Kinesiology undergraduates, graduates, and alumni. Our time together was productive, and our conversation was very easy. I was literally trying to absorb every word of advice that she had to extend to me! She taught me how to use LinkedIn, a useful website in the professional world that helps you make connections (basically a Facebook for the business world). From here we set goals for me to set up a LinkedIn profile, connect with IU alumni within my field, reach out for 5 informal interviews, and work on building my resume. Who knew I could be doing so much now? I found that my experience with my career advisor was:

1) Useful

2) Eye opening

3) Productive

4) Inspiring


The list could go on and on, however you can already see that what I gained outweighs my nonsense worries that I had before going.

Whatever questions you may have related to YOUR career, don’t be afraid to take them to your career advisor. Go outside of your comfort zone and extend your circle on campus by utilizing this resource. Even if you don’t have a specific question, you can ask your advisor what you can be doing now in order to help your future career. Once again, Sarah’s main advice about meeting with your career advisor was, “Do it now, it is never too late.”

On an ending note, I want to share with you the best feeling that I had after my career advising appointment. It was a feeling of comfort that came from knowing I will have someone helping me every step of the way as I continue pursing towards my dream career.  In order to ENCOURAGE you to make a career advising appointment, I will leave you with this quote: “Don’t be shy about asking for help. It doesn’t mean you are weak; it only means you are wise.”


Rachel Helfferich is a sophomore majoring in Dietetics. Her career aspirations include becoming a Registered Dietician and working to promote healthy, active lifestyles.


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IUSPH Career Services

Job opportunities for Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington majors are diverse and expanding as the emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle grows around the world. Career Services experts in each of our academic departments will provide one-on-one counseling and career building opportunities throughout your academic career, from choosing the right major to developing a strategy to find a job. They can assist you with:

•career counseling
•job placement
•volunteer opportunities
•resume and cover letter preparation
•interview skills
•graduate school preparation

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