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Internship Spotlight: Nutrition That Fits!

SPHInternship3 As we head into this fall season, the football games, cool weather, autumn leaves, IU sweatshirts, and the dreaded midterms, the school year has officially begun. While many of us are using our spare time this month to attend various career fairs and workshops offered by the School of Public Health each week in hopes of landing a great opportunity for next summer, I wanted to look back to this past summer and share my personal internship experience!

As a current junior in the dietetics program, I have been giving much thought to what specific area of dietetics I want to work in one day – and the options are truly endless. Dietitians have the ability to work in a variety of nutrition environments: clinical, sports, communications, teaching, food service, etc. The is infinite possibilities within the field!

This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern in my favorite city in the world, Chicago, with a dietitian in her own private practSPHInternship1ice called Nutrition That Fits. She counsels patients on a variety of nutrition issues including; pregnancy nutrition, general weight loss, GI disorders, and primarily diabetes nutrition therapy.

Throughout my time with her in Chicago, I was able to observe her consultations with individual clients, giving me a glimpse into the various nutrition complications these individuals were dealing with on a regular basis, and then how the dietitian approached each individual scenario to promote the most effective nutrition changes. She also gave me a variety of projects to work on throughout the summer which included the following:

–          Conducting product research and outreach with companies such as Truvia and GardenLites

–          Creating meal plan guides

–          Updating handouts for patients regarding diabetes education

–          Carrying out patient referrals through communication with her physician network

SPHInternship4The most beneficial outcome of my time at Nutrition That Fits this summer was being able to see, and further understand, how business, networking, and nutrition can all intersect to form a well-respected, trusted private practice in a large city such as Chicago!

My tip for dietetic students looking for a great internship opportunity during the summer to supplement their education at Indiana University is reach out to registered dietitians DIRECTLY! The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics provides the contact information for all of the registered dietitians in the country who are also Academy members. By directly e-mailing these dietitians yourself, they will immediately appreciate your initiative and eagerness!georgia2

“Georgia Rounder is from Evansville, IN. She is a junior majoring in Dietetics. Georgia’s passion for cooking, healthy eating habits, and exercise has led her to her current career path. Outside of her academics here in the School of Public Health, Georgia also enjoy working out, playing tennis, reading fashion magazines, trying different Bloomington restaurants, exploring new cities, and being near any body of water she can find!”


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