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Employer Spotlight: Pacers Sports & Entertainment

As the career fair approaches for the School of Public Health, it is important to start preparing so you can find whatever information you can to give yourself that edge that could end up leading to a job in the future.  Luckily for you sports fans, I was able to get a little bit of information from one of the companies that will be in attendance, Pacers Sports & Entertainment.

Pacers-Wallpaper-Basket-Ball-HD-Dekstop-LogoPacers Sports & Entertainment owns and operates an NBA team (Pacers) and a WNBA team (Fever).

I was able to speak with Charlie Slonaker, the Director of Consumer Ticket Sales with Pacers Sports & Entertainment.  Charlie works in the Ticket Sales Department and is looking to hire somewhere in that area.  His area of the department works specifically with Consumer (Family, Friends, etc.)4ea4a53d8659055bf8c20d2d0b260fd8

After speaking with Charlie, I was able to get some more information about the culture of the company, the best part about working there and what positions they are looking to hire.

Pacers Sports & Entertainment is located in Indianapolis, IN, just about an hour away from the IU campus.  There are two positions that they are currently hiring for; one is for the Indiana Pacers and the other for the Indiana Fever.  They are looking for Consumer Sales Executive’s for both teams. 

Due to the difference in the timing of their seasons, the position with the Fever will begin in the end of January 2014, while the position with the Pacers will begin in June 2014.  The Pacers will also have openings periodically over the next few months as people get promoted, etc.  Don’t worry Pacers fans; there could be multiple opportunities to get that job you always wanted with your favorite team.

The responsibilities for both of these positions are the same – they both require making telephone calls to qualified leads with the attempt to sell them ticket packages for the upcoming season.  They both require a College Degree.  If you have an interest in sales and think that it could be something you would excel in, these definitely opportunities worth looking at.

While working for a professional sports team sounds glorious and exciting, it is always nice to know about the culture of the company before putting all of your eggs in one basket.  According to Charlie, they are a very young department as a whole with lots of upbeat people who are aggressively chasing down their career goals while looking to enjoy the ride of getting there.  It sounds like a good fit for a young, confident individual who is dedicated to their work.

Charlie says that the best part about working for Pacers Sports & Entertainment is being a part of the excitement of a professional sporting environment.  He also enjoys being around like-minded people who love sports and are looking to achieve common goals.

Many sports fans from the state of Indiana have always dreamed of working within the Indiana Pacers or Indiana Fever organization, and the opportunity to get your foot in the door is coming right here to our school.  Be sure to look out for Pacers Sports & Entertainment at the School of Public Health Internship & Job Fair on Wednesday, October 23, 2013.  It will be located in SPH 163 from 10:30am-1:00pm. MarketingFlyer

Matthew Wolfe is a senior majoring in Sports Communication.  He enjoys writing, mainly about sports.  After graduation, MattMatthew hopes to work somewhere within the sports PR industry.  His ultimate goal is to write for a major online sports publication, or be a play-by-play announcer for a basketball team.  Matthew loves comedy and action movies, and just about every television show. 


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