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Alumni and Employer Spotlight! Meet Jonathan Benedek with IU Athletics

JBenedek_Jonathan_10onathan Benedek is currently the Assistant Director of Marketing for Indiana University Athletics.  Many students that go through the IU School of Public Health hope to find jobs with a sports team or organization, but Jonathan was lucky enough to find one with his alma mater.  Jonathan graduated from IU in 2008 with a degree in sports communication – print; he then got his Masters in 2009.

Like many others, Jonathan started out as an unpaid intern willing to do whatever it took to make a name for himself.  He interned with IU Athletics in the marketing department.  The hard work obviously paid off seeing that he is now the Assistant Director of Marketing for the place that he loves most: IU.

Being an IU graduate, it goes without saying that Jonathan is extremely passionate about IU sports.  This is what he loves most about his job, the fact that other people just as passionate as him surround him every single day at work.

While Jonathan’s job is enjoyable and entertaining, it can also be challenging at times.  Jonathan says that the most difficult part of his job is finding the balance between his professional and personal life.  His job requires some long hours, which at times can take a toll on his life outside of the office.

According to Jonathan, in order to succeed in the industry the most important qualities a person must possess are a AthleticsLogowillingness to work long hours and the ability to be a quick learner.  The best way to stand out and be successful, according to Jonathan, is to go above and beyond to learn more than everybody else.  This may seem like the same things that we hear all the time as students, but truly taking this advice to heart could mean the difference in our careers!

Unlike a lot of other jobs, there is no real day-to-day routine for Jonathan.  He says this is the beauty of his job, the fact that there is something different every day.  A big part of Jonathan’s job is working to set-up for games.  He also takes meetings, interacts with students and sets-up and participates in pep rallies.  Being surrounded by Indiana Sports and fellow Hoosiers doesn’t sound like too bad of a gig, does it?

When asked what advice he would give to students trying to break into the industry, Jonathan was adamant about telling students to get involved.  There is always something you could be doing, whether it is volunteering, interning or job shadowing.  “Always play things out because you never know when opportunities are going to arise,” said Jonathan, which is excellent advice for students looking to break into the work force.

Jonathan is not just strictly business; he was indeed a student at Indiana University just like us!  His favorite place to eat here in Bloomington is La Charreada, a Mexican restaurant located on N. Walnut St.  His favorite spot on campus is the Rose Well House, the structure located outside of Wylie, Owen and Maxwell Hall.

Jonathan Benedek is a great example of a Hoosier who paid his dues to make it to where he is today.  Finding that great job that you are looking for may not be as hard to obtain as you think, you just have to work your way through the ranks to get there.  To anyone looking to reach out to Jonathan, his email address is

Jonathan will be representing IU Athletics at the SPH Fall Internship and Job Fair on Oct. 23rd from 10:30am-1pm. Stop by and introduce yourself!


Matthew Wolfe is a senior majoring in Sports Communication.  He enjoys writing, mainly about sports.  After graduation, Matthew hopes to work somewhere within the sports PR industry.  His ultimate goal is to write for a major online sports Mattpublication, or be a play-by-play announcer for a basketball team.  Matthew loves comedy and action movies, and just about every television show. 


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