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Meet Rachel! (one of our new student bloggers)

Rachel Helfferich


Major: Dieteticsrachel

Hometown: Springboro, OH

Career Goal: Become a Registered Dietician and work to help promote healthy, active lifestyles.

Want to get to know Rachel a little better?

Recently, I am feeling refreshed as the 2013-14 academic year starts at IU as a new beginning for all of us. I am excited to be writing for the School of Public Health Office of Career Services Blog. Through this opportunity I would like to share with you ways to become more involved and advance your own career plans. From my first year experience at IU, I have learned to get out there and explore! There are so many wonderful opportunities on campus and in the surrounding Bloomington area, which allow you to expand your interests and make lasting connections. By volunteering at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard during my freshmen year, I have been able to help the community and work with the Nutrition Coordinator, which pertains to my Dietetics Major. Take advantage of the new beginning you have this year!

Active living is one of my many passions. I am a Group Exercise Leader at the SRSC, teaching step aerobics. I grew up participating in competitive swimming and soccer. Running and yoga are some of my favorite activities, too. I have completed a half marathon and plan to run more in the future. I appreciate exercise for not only its physical benefits, but its mental restorative value as well!

Clubs and other activities: I am currently a part of the Dancer Relations committee for IUDM. After participating as a 36 hour dancer in the 2012 marathon, I immediately fell in love with the support and love IUDM provides for Riley Children’s Foundation. Also as I mentioned above, I am continuing to volunteer for Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.

Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosies! Although I was born and raised in Ohio, I have quickly adapted to the spirit of the Indiana Hoosiers. Indiana is my home away from home, and I believe that it is a great place to be. I am a big sports fan and supporter of the Hoosiers, despite my three brothers being Buckeye fans.

Exploring the vast, miraculous world grabs my attention. I recently traveled to Nicaragua with a volunteer group called GIVE.rachel2 Through this experience I was able to expand my worldview, interact with the Nicaraguan people and culture, climb a volcano, and contribute to building a secondary education school. This trip inspired me to travel as much as possible, and I hope to study abroad during my time at IU!

 Life is better when you are laughing”, is one of my favorite quotes. I am an inspirational junkie and love finding quotes, verses, and lyrics that provide a positive light for any situation. You may see me end a blog post with some positive, funny, or reflective quote in order to add some laughter and light to your day!


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