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Super Bowl Brings Jobs To IU


The mother of all sporting events is coming to Indiana this Sunday. This is the event that the city of Indianapolis has been anticipating since the announcement that it’d be hosting the 2012 Super Bowl. With such an event, the hoopla surrounding the city has been non-stop, most notably in what is Super Bowl Village just outside Lucas Oil Stadium, where the game will be played. Along with the Indiana Convention Center, Super Bowl Village is host to an array of events such as the NFL Experience, for example, an interactive play place that is the football fan’s utopia, complete with football throwing contests, mock drafts and opportunities to take pictures with replica members of your favorite team.

Within Indianapolis and Super Bowl Village you will find a presence of Indiana University students working amongst the various events of this notorious week. The opportunity that the Super Bowl brings to IU students of all majors is historic. Super Bowl employers have actually reached out to Indiana students, as they likely see the university as a hot bed for bright, qualified students. Not only is the chance to work at the Super Bowl rewarding, the resume boost is extraordinary. Slap the words “Super Bowl” on your experience section of your resume, and you instantly have the employers wanting more.

Some may be wondering how these Super Bowl job opportunities popped up for some but not for others. Indiana University and HPER Career Services have done a stellar job at notifying students of future job and internship prospects. It’s up to the student to take advantage of the resources being given to him or her, and be proactive in applying for these positions.

I sat down with Jake Goldsholl and Todd Rosenbaum, two HPER students who are working at the Super Bowl in some aspect. My goal was to dive into the process of acquiring these job prospects, and to highlight how rare this opportunity is for Indiana students, whether you’re interested in sports or not.

Jake Goldsholl
Major: Sport Communication- Print
Event Manager at the NFL Experience, Super Bowl 46

How did you hear about the NFL Experience?

“I received an email from HPER Career Services notifying students of an opportunity with the NFL Experience by Party Planners West. I went to an information session at HPER and decided to apply. I then went to an interview in Indianapolis and was lucky enough to earn a spot for the Super Bowl.”

When you first applied, what did you hope to gain from this experience?

“I wanted to meet some people in the industry because all of my professors in HPER preached it is about who you know and not what you know. I thought having something with NFL Super Bowl on your resume would be a good start in applying for future jobs and internships. “

What advice would you give to those attempting to start a career of their own in the sporting industry?

“Start networking as soon as possible, and follow up with them. You can’t be afraid to find a company’s email or phone number and contact them to find out about their organization. People are usually friendly because they were once in your position. “

Todd Rosenbaum
Major: Sport Marketing and Management
Marketing Manager- Skylight Group
Maxim Super Bowl Party and Tailgate

How were you notified of this position?

“My boss sophomore year, Rob Tuchman gave me the opportunity last summer.”

Judging by your major, you’re obviously a sports fan. What do you hope to get out of working a huge event like the Super Bowl?

“My hope is to continue to learn how to interact with corporate partners, develop strategic ideas and then applying these skills on-site with little room for error.”

How valuable is the opportunity of IU students to go and work at the Super Bowl?

“Given the proximity from campus, it provides IU students with an extended period of real world experience, during a semester, that many other students across the country are not receiving; and from all sectors of both the sports & entertainment industries. “

“What advice would you give a freshman or sophomore, someone without any hands on experience in sports, as to how to break in and get that first foot in the door? “

“First thing you need to do is network with your peers, both your age and older. You always can gain valuable advice and connections through your own, personal network. Once you establish a peer network, use connections or advice you’ve received from there to connect personally with industry professionals and begin to establish multiple, professional relationships with them. Also, there’s always the HPER Career Services as well, which is fantastic and strives to develop personal courses of action for each of her students. With this advice, you will begin to see more opportunities come your way. But, you must work at it.”

Jake and Todd all have similar scenarios on how the Super Bowl came to them. The summary of their advice came down to these main points:

1) Network early, develop a contact base and follow up.
2) Be aware of the opportunities given to and be proactive in applying for those positions
3) Don’t be afraid to reach out to people unfamiliar to you. Everyone has been in your position before.

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