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HPER is always holding many great events for students to do everything from perfect their resumes to attend career fairs, and the Summer Camps Job Fair is another one on the list. This is a great start for anyone looking for a unique yet valuable summer employment. 

“Working at a camp is a great opportunity for IU students to enhance their transferable skills in communication, problem solving, leadership, and event planning. Working at a camp can be an invaluable experience to have on a resume! Match your special skills this summer with a job that is fun, exciting and offers you a valuable learning experience.”

To further emphasize some of the benefits of working at summer camps we spoke with Dr. Julie Knapp,  co-coordinator of the event. She listed several benefits that students get out of working for a summer camp:

  • Paid summer employment
  • Chance to work out of state without high living costs
  • Looks good on resume for HPER majors, especially if you’re a sports director, team leader, etc.
  • Gives students a chance to work with a diverse group
  • Great networking opportunity
For more information on the event, and to research what camps are coming, be sure to

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IUSPH Career Services

Job opportunities for Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington majors are diverse and expanding as the emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle grows around the world. Career Services experts in each of our academic departments will provide one-on-one counseling and career building opportunities throughout your academic career, from choosing the right major to developing a strategy to find a job. They can assist you with:

•career counseling
•job placement
•volunteer opportunities
•resume and cover letter preparation
•interview skills
•graduate school preparation

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