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Is Graduate School Right for You? A Current Master’s Student’s Insight

HPER Career Services was able to catch up with  Nick Sult, a current Master’s student studying Sport Management at IU.  Nick generously provided valuable insight into his entire graduate school experience, from the application process to his current coursework and future career plans.


What program are you currently studying in?

I am a Master’s student pursuing a degree in Sport Management.  At the end of the Fall 2011 semester, I will have a Masters of Kinesiology degree, with an emphasis in Sport Management, and specifically Athletic Administration.

What led you to attend graduate school?

After my undergraduate studies, I felt my education wasn’t complete.  I received a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, with a major in Sport Marketing and Management.  I was already familiar with the

faculty at IU, and I knew they were the right fit to further develop my education.

Explain your personal experience with the process of applying for and searching for the right program?

The study of sport management is a relatively new curriculum in the United States, and few universities offer degree programs in the sport management field.  After researching the strengths, weaknesses, and curriculums of programs around the country, staying at IU was the best choice for my future.  My personal goal was to pursue a career within intercollegiate athletics.  This program’s curriculum provides a broad spectrum surrounding the business of sport.   Class topics include a deeper understanding of all aspects of athletics including industrial analysis, the history of athletic consumption, marketing trends, and a look into the impact of new media on sports consumption.

For someone interested in attending graduate school how would you recommend going about the application/program search process?   

The most important part of the application/search process is selecting the program that correlates directly with your interests.  I recommend researching programs at the beginning of your senior year of undergraduate stu

dies.  The application process requires many components that could take months to complete.  The program requires three letters of recommendation which are very important in the admission process.  I recommend diversifying between academic and occupational recommendations.

What has been your favorite part of your graduate school experience?

The best part of the graduate school experience is the “hands-on” experience the students receive through class work.  The “hands-on” assignments range from designing marketing plans for IU Athletics, or developing new media outlets for IUSportcom.  The actual examples of tasks we will be responsible for at a full-time job are extremely beneficial and add the most to the graduate school experience.

Graduate Faculty in Sport Management, Sport Marketing, and Sport

How do expectations differ or change from undergraduate to graduate school?

The most significant change between undergraduate and graduate school is the wide range of classes and assignments required to graduate.  In undergrad, the assignments were designed to develop a student’s understanding of the core concepts and theories involved with sport business.  In graduate school, the assignments are designed to challenge the students to apply their knowledge and build off the concepts introduced in undergrad.

What are your career aspirations?

My goal is to return to the university and pursue a Doctorate in Sport Management.  After the graduate school experience, I discovered the true enjoyment of teaching at the collegiate level.  In graduate school, the students are more engaged in discussions and the professors are more interactive with the students.  Ultimately, I want to dedicate my life to learning as much as possible, and what better place than a university.

How do you feel that graduate school has better prepared you for reaching your career goals?

The unique assignments have stimulated my critical thinking skills and provided a significant advantage toward achieving my career goals.

What ONE bit of advice would you give to one interested in attending graduate school?

The best advice I can give is to enjoy the campus and the Bloomington community during your short time in graduate school.  Bloomington is a truly unique college town, with a diverse range of cultures to be experienced.  Indiana University is also one of the most beautiful campuses and provides hundreds of entertainment options from outdoor adventures in the hills of Southern Indiana to world-class concerts.


For more on graduate programs offered through Indiana University’s Department of Kinesiology click here


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