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IU Navy SHAPE Program – How YOU Can Get Involved!

Kelly Jo Baute serves as the Assistant Project Coordinator for IU Navy SHAPE, a physical fitness program that allows  fitness and wellness/exercise science majors to work in accordance with Naval personnel around the country.  Ms. Baute is certified by the American Council on Exercise as a group fitness instructor and currently works for the Indiana University Department of Kinesiology within the Fitness Specialist program as a lecturer and academic advisor.


What is your current job title and what responsibilities do you have?

Assistant Project Coordinator for IU Navy SHAPE and Lecturer for the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University.  I also assist with the hiring and training of SHAPE Fitness Specialists and serve as the Editor for the SHAPE monthly newsletter, ‘The Dispatch‘.

In general, what is IU Navy SHAPE?

SHAPE (Senior Health Assessment Program Enterprise) is a group and personal fitness program for senior-level Naval personnel designed to enhance physical fitness and create behavior change for incorporating regular fitness activity.Where does the program take place?

SHAPE is offered at U.S. Naval Bases across the country.  The three locations where the program takes place include Pearl Harbor, San Diego, CA, and Norfolk, VA.

Who is eligible for hire?

We hire individuals that:

  • Have a four-year degree in a fitness/health related field
  • Hold a nationally recognized fitness certification
  • Possess experience with group and personal fitness instruction

What responsibilities and expectancies do employees carry?

SHAPE Fitness Specialists are personal and group fitness trainers who work with senior-level Naval offers and enlisted personal.  Their responsibilities include the designing, development, and implementation of  health and fitness related programs targeted at created behavioral change through health and fitness conditioning.  They look to improve a vast array of health-related parameters such as flexibility, strength, cardiovascular endurance, nutrition, and sleep habits.

How can those eligible learn more about the application process?

We will begin interviews next spring (March/April) and will hire during May.  Training will take place June-August.  SHAPE employment is for one year and runs from August 1st through July 31st.

What advice would you give to someone looking to jump-start and begin their professional career in physical fitness and exercise science?

Individuals that are looking to work as a fitness professional should first investigate health/fitness related degrees, such as the Fitness Specialist Degree and Exercise Science offered at IU through the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER).  This is a terminal degree and offers education and training in both health and fitness.  The IU Fitness Specialist program provides both content and application based education, (i.e. students are able to apply classroom content to real-life scenarios). 

For more information on SHAPE, you can visit the Navy Fitness/MWR website.  Under the locations link, you will find bios of current SHAPE Fitness Specialists, which includes IU graduates!


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