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A Day in the Life: Sports Communication Intern

Every summer, students from the School of HPER at Indiana University venture off into the professional world to put their skills to the test through internships and jobs. Internships and on-the-job training can provide some of the most valuable experience a HPER student could ever imagine.

This summer, HPER student and Sports Communication major Michael Shagi interned at, a Connecticut based lacrosse website that sells lacrosse equipment and posts photos and video footage of high school, college and professional lacrosse going on around the country. I interviewed him about his experiences and how what he did related to the things he learned in the classroom here at IU.

What did your day-to-day work consist of?

“My day to day work was to stimulate visits and conversation on the company Facebook page as well as the company website. I wrote articles about local and non-local lacrosse related events and incited discussion on the website through article comments and media, like pictures and video.”

What kinds of things did you do out of the office?

“I had a list of every tournament/camp/recruiting event in Connecticut and would have to attend at least one during the week, and one during the weekend.”

What did you do while at these events?

“I would pass out stickers, discount codes, water bottles, and occasionally apparel. It all depended on the event and how hard we needed to market that particular area/ group of people.”

What was the purpose of marketing at these particular events?

“To spread awareness. We wanted people to know about our site, and have be the go-to site for all lacrosse related needs. Whether it be gear, scores, videos of games, pictures of games or any other lacrosse information someone might need, we wanted to be that site people went to.”

Did your efforts prove successful?

“Definitely. Part of my job was to track visitors on the Facebook page and the website. Marketing at these events drove up visitors on both of those and in the end drove up sales. That was the whole point of it all. If we improved sales then we considered ourselves successful.”

Did what you learned at IU help you through your experience?

“Absolutely. Everything I’ve learned in my marketing, journalism and sales classes were applied in this job. What I’ve learned in class gave me an huge base of knowledge going into the internship and now I feel even more confident about entering this field in the future.”

Do you have any advice to current IU/HPER students about internships?

“Do them. On-the-job training is the most important experience you can possibly get. It teaches you how the “real world” works and really helps you understand what you learned in class because it’s all finally being used.”

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